Trinx bikes are some of the best bicycles in the Philippines, offered at reasonable prices. Trinx road, full suspension, hardtail, and electronic bikes (e-bikes) are sought-after for their frame material, gearing, and brakes. Check out the latest prices for bicycles, or find out more about Trinx bikes below!

What are the different types of bikes? | Where are Trinx bikes made? | What is the Trinx bike made of?


All You Need to Know About Trinx Bikes in the Philippines

In 2013, the Philippines One Trinity Joint Venture Company was established. Trinx focuses on brand building and promotion in the Philippines to increase sales. Trinx has become one of the most well-known bicycle brands in the Philippines in just two years, with annual sales of 35,000 units.

What are the different types of bikes?

4 Different Types of Trinx Bikes in the Philippines

  • E-Bikes - The pedal and handle of these bicycles are just like regular bicycles.
  • Full-Suspension Bikes - A full-suspension bike such as a mountain bike can soak up jarring bumps for the most part.
  • Hardtail Bikes - They only have a few moving parts, making them simpler and less expensive to maintain than full-suspension bikes.
  • Road Bikes - As its name suggests, road bicycles are designed to be used on the road, taking you as far and as fast as your legs can manage.

Where are Trinx bikes made?

Trinx Bikes (alternatively Trinx Bicycles and Trinx) is a Chinese bicycle and accessory brand. The company is founded in 1992 and they are actively engaging in research and development, including the establishment of its own carbon fibre plant. As of 2015, the company maintained four significant headquarters in Taiwan, Russia, Iran, and the Philippines. Their products are distributed in over 40 countries.

What is the Trinx bike made of?

Trinx, a state-level bicycle testing centre established in 2016, is one of only three bicycle factories in China with a CNAS-accredited testing centre. Trinx is the leader in the bicycle industry when it comes to developing and applying automated welding technology for aluminium frames.

According to their company website, Trinx possesses 13 world-class complete bicycle assembly lines, as well as 14 painting production lines, demonstrating a skilled command of the core technology of bicycle manufacture in terms of carbon fibre and aluminium frame and fork. Furthermore, Trinx has successfully automated frame painting and welding. The company now has a capacity of 2 million complete bicycles, 1.5 million frames, and 1 million forks per year.

Is Trinx a good bike brand?

Trinx is indeed a good bike brand that offers affordable but durable bikes. When it comes to the suspension system, the riders have severe requirements, especially for cross country cycling. Trinx hydraulic or air remote suspension fork is able to absorb shock as well as transfer the pedalling power effectively. During the process of producing frame and fork, Trinx incorporates the advanced robot automatic welding technology in order to provide a smooth welding finish.

Another technology worth mentioning is the Ultra-Light Nano Carbon. Trinx adds special nanoparticles to the material in the process of producing carbon frames, which strengthens the adhesion of resin. The frame will be lighter and more durable, by adding this structure will guarantee the whole frame strike resistance property, reaching up to 40%.

If you're a first-time road cyclist, the Tempo is an affordable entry-level option that you can opt for.

Where can I buy Trinx Bike in the Philippines?

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