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TVBI Hearts Of Fencing (VCD) (End) (TVB Drama) at 1127.00 PHP from YesAsia
TVBI Hearts Of Fencing (VCD) (End) (TVB Drama)
₱ 1,127.00
In answer to the rise of Taiwanese idol dramas, in 2003 TVB produced its own 11-episode youth drama Hearts of Fencing. From the newcomer cast to the wistful story to the fresh shooting technique, Hearts of Fencing was quite different from traditional TVB series, and successfully left a deep impression on viewers. Met with both popularity and acclaim, the drama is not only a youth classic for Hong Kong television, but also one of TVB's more memorable productions of the early oughties. Hearts of Fencing is completely headlined by newcomers of the time with TVB protege Chris Lai Lok Yi and singers Don Li and Race Wong of 2R leading the show, along with Natalie Tong, Sam Chan, Eddie Lee, Elaine Yiu, Kelly Fu, and Renee Tai. Singer Edmond Leung and Eileen Yeow take supporting roles as teachers. The drama also generated buzz with a bevy of celebrity cameos including Nicholas Tse, Eason Chan, Alex Fong, Edison Chen, Mini Cookies, Boy'z, Shine, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng, and Bobo Chen. Hearts of Fencing revolves around the friendship, romance, and coming-of-age trials among a group of high school friends. Brothers Yat (Chris Lai) and Lok (Don Li) are like day and night when it comes to personality and grades, but they end up both falling for the same girl (Race Wong) and the sport of fencing. Along with arrogant rich kid Don (Eddie Lee), loyal sidekick Lung (Sam Chan), fangirl Ching (Natalie Tong), innocent bookworm Man (Elaine Yiu), food lover Yee (Renee Tai), and romance expert Mui (Kelly Fu), the friends go through the ups and downs of youth, but the price of growing up is higher than they could have ever imagined.
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TVBI At The Threshold Of An Era II (Part II) (To Be Continued) at 1932.00 PHP from YesAsia
TVBI At The Threshold Of An Era II (Part II) (To Be Continued)
₱ 1,932.00
The force of changing times at the end of the millennium is captured in At the Threshold of an Era, an epic television classic that chronicles the rise and fall of a real estate mogul. Using all the firepower in its arsenal, TVB enlisted top actors Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Sunny Chan, Ada Choi, Louis Koo, Roger Kwok, Flora Chan and Liza Wang to star in this ambitious serial which was aired in two parts in 1999 and 2000. Gallen Lo stars as a lowly entrepreneur who eventually becomes a legendary real estate mogul in Hong Kong.
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TVBI The Greed of Man (VCD) (Part I) (To Be Continued) at 2093.00 PHP from YesAsia
TVBI The Greed of Man (VCD) (Part I) (To Be Continued)
₱ 2,093.00
One of Hong Kong's most classic television series ever, TVB's 1992 drama The Greed of Man set the model for all grand modern dramas that would follow. Backdropped by the financial turbulence of 1980s and 90s Hong Kong, The Greed of Man tells a ruthless and tragic saga of family rivalry, power struggle, and the violent pursuit of wealth. Shedding his heroic swordsman image, Adam Cheng creates his most memorable modern drama role in Ding Hai, a man of humble origins and ruthless determination who is consumed by his own greed. Produced by renowned director Wai Ka Fai, The Greed of Man features an amazing lineup of veteran actors and rising stars. Adam Cheng's enormous performance leading the way for a cast that includes Damian Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Michael Tao, David Siu, Derek Kwok, Ng Kai Ming, Kenneth Tsang, and Bowie Lam, plus Amy Kwok, Vivian Chow, Nammie Yam, Rachel Lee, and Yeung Ling. Uneducated, stubborn, and somewhat mad, Ding Hai (Adam Cheng) befriends and later murders wealthy stockbroker Fong Chun Sun (Damian Lau). From this shocking betrayal begins a long and harrowing cycle of revenge and violence that extends many years and trickles mercilessly down to the next generation. Fong's son Chin Bok (Lau Ching Wan) struggles to continue his father's battle against corruption in the stock markets, while Ding and his four equally ruthless sons ride their tides in the market and the underworld, acquiring great wealth and leaving a bloody trail behind them. As the enmity between the Ding and Fong families builds and boils, life and death is eventually settled on the trading floor. Stock markets often dictate the fates of characters onscreen, but Ding Hai is perhaps the only character that can claim the opposite. Hong Kong stocks plunged dramatically during the series' broadcast, and The Greed of Man came to be linked with the market in real life, marking the beginning of a phenomenon dubbed the "Ding Hai Effect" - whenever Adam Cheng dramas are aired, the stock markets inexplicably fall.
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