Proud Dutch watchmaker based in Amsterdam, TW Steel is a unique partnership by father and son in designing and building high quality watches for those who are champions. TW Steel watches are built to the highest quality and boast superior performance as they incorporate the very latest quartz technology from Japan. "Peerless in class" is the motto that TW Steel watches live by.


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Established in 2005 by a team of father and son, Ton and Jordy Cobelens , TW Steel is a Dutch watchmaker based in Amsterdam. Back in 1980, Ton Cobelens was a Raymond Weil & Maurice la Croix distributor for the Benelux region and he started to design private label watches for airlines like KLM, Wardair and Martinair. Later on, Ton continued on by starting a promotions and advertising company that also created campaigns for the Swatch group in Benelux. It was during this time, Ton's passion for watch design was reignited and he decided to sell his advertising company so that he can then designed and marketed a small Swiss made watch brand.

As that his Swiss made watch brand proved to be very popular in Netherlands and other European countries, his Dutch distributor requested for an affordable, oversized watch in 2005. Needless to say, that request gave birth to the emergence of "The Watch in Steel" or TW Steel as we know today. The TW Steel's first collection was a four model range with a total of 1,200 pieces and it sold out in Dutch market alone in 6 weeks.

TW Steel Philippines - Dutch by Design, Peerless In Class

From the European market based in Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom, TW Steel has established itself as a well-known worldwide brand in just only 4 years. Not only that, TW Steel is able to enjoy its distribution in both North and South America as well as Australia and Asia. Eventually, TW Steel can be found in over 50 countries worldwide through 3000 retail outlets that are selling TW Steel watches. It is a testament that TW Steel watches are popular around the world - thanks to its stunning designs which are built to Swiss quality standard.

Although TW Steel is considered as a newcomer in its short history, the unique quality and appeal of its watches have enabled TW Steel to be able to compete against other more established brands in the market. Remarkably, the Chief Design Officer, Ton, has no formal design qualifications but he has laboured his time and effort in knowing the desire and expectation of the people on the product itself. His son, Jordy, applies his entrepreneurial skills that he had honed in school by building and expanding the distribution into global level. Such unique combination of skills and talents between father and son is what makes TW Steel an amazing successful watch brand.

The Greatness That Is TW Steel Philippines

Packs A Punch

TW Steel watches incorporated Miyota quartz movement technology from Japan

Adaptable & Attractive As Always

No matter what you wear, formal or casual wear, TW Steel watches are fashionable and suitable for any seasons and occasions.

Forged with The Finest

TW Steel watches are built with the materials of highest quality


Reliable, dependable and dedicated, TW Steel watches always work with precision like you can count on them without fail.

Good game, old chap!

TW Steel has specialised watches for thrill-seeking sportsmen and sportswomen who appreciate superior performance not only from themselves but also the TW Steel watches themselves, too.

Proud Ambassadors of TW Steel watches

From many arenas of lifestyle, TW Steel proves that it has diverse personalities who are more than just proud in wearing TW Steel designs before their fans. These amazing personalities include:

  1. Emerson Fittipaldi, 2 time Formula One Champion (1972 & 1974) and a double Indy 500 Winner (1989 & 1993) from Brazil
  2. Lucas di Grassi, also a famous Formula One driver from Brazil
  3. Kelly Rowland, a famous American artist, actress and television personality who is a worldwide ambassador for TW Steel
  4. Tim and Tom Coronel, leading racers from Netherlands who proudly display their TW Steel watches in World Touring Car Championship
  5. Ian Thorpe, Australia's 5 time Olympic gold medalist and 11 time World Champion in freestyle swimming
  6. Olivia Ortiz, Miss TW Steel who hailed from Portugal and won TW Steel beauty competition back in 2009

Top TW Steel Philippines Watches


  • TW Steel Silicone Automatic Black Dial
  • TW Steel Canteen Automatic


  • TW Steel Men's TW134 Grandeur Tech Black
  • TW Steel Gents Stainless Steel


  • TW Steel TW303 Women's Rose Gold

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