With matching accessories, plain clothing can be upgraded to a fabulous outfit and Unisilver is the perfect find for silver jewellery. Take a browse at Unisilver products below.


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About Unisilver Philippines

Unisilver is among the very few jewellery shops that offers a wide range of pure silver accessories in the Philippines. The brand was established in 1995 at the trade exhibit during the Robinson’s Galeria event. This short term exhibit store began its official retail operations upon receiving a growing market demand. Soon Unisilver Group International was formed to support operations in regional markets and a new production firm was also set up to make silver accessories for the Unisilver brand.

Unisilver fuses fashion accessories with polished pure 925 sterling silver, that caters to men, women, teenagers and even children who love silverware fashion. With cute and hip designs, Unisilver accessories are in tune with the latest trends. The company has its own team of in-house designers who travel regularly to keep abreast with the latest fashion trends.

This is why Unisilver jewellery reflect good taste in terms of design, quality and reputation. Unisilver challenges itself to live up to its customers’ expectations, value for money and longer lasting quality. In December 2005, the company has also ventured into the timepiece making industry with the launch of its fashionable watch product line for people on the go.

Unisilver fine accessories made of polished 925 sterling silver

Unisilver always strives to be the number one Silver Jewellery and Fashion Watch accessory maker in the Philippines. Unisilver aims to capture a bigger share of the growing retail market by expanding its distribution network in and out of the Philippines and to become a more well-rounded lifestyle store through expansion of its product line.

Apart from the best quality polished 925 sterling silver offered, UniSilver projects unique styles that enhances beauty with its designs. This allows customers to pick and choose accessories that will fit every person’s personality and taste - a different bracelet for every lifestyle. Unisilver is also a good gift option as its high quality silver will not fade easily.

Types of Unisilver accessory offerings

To this day, thousands of Unilever designs that cater to all walks of life have been witnesses to the growth of the company. These are among the types of accessories that are offered:

  • Adult bangle
  • Anklet
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Pendant
  • Ring
  • Set of Jewelleries
  • Kids Accessories

Unisilver will be launching more new designs and special collections that would display fine silver jewellery craftsmanship at its finest. Within the promise of quality, reliability, functionality and style, Unisilver is committed in serving its clientele with even better service and more exquisite jewellery.

Tips to accessorize with silver jewellery

Now here are some rules that can help you be more stylish with Unisilver

  • Pair simple or fine style silver necklaces with professional or formal wear.
  • Mix and match special or exaggerated silver bracelets with casual or leisure clothes. Layer big with little, try to mix them by thickness and size
  • Cute and lovely style clothes will go well with silver bracelets that have a small bell. It just enhances the lovely and happy aura.
  • Silver jewellery with colourful man-made stones shall only suit younger teen girls. If you’re already a grown woman, don’t go for that innocent look, please.
  • Silver pairs up well with gold jewellery and copper, match different style bangles for a vibrant new look. This mix-match style will definitely add that glam to your wrists.
  • Stack up your rings! Be it silver, gold, metal or any other metallic ones, wear two or three together on your fingers, you could even match them with your nails.

This is an additional tip: Metal strap watches go well with silver jewellery too!

Things to avoid when you pick silver accessories:

  • Stay away from cutesy shapes, specifically those with bright or pastel colours. This style is only reserved for younger girls and teens.
  • Avoid too many beads when you pair Unisilver jewellery with other accessories. Less is definitely more when it comes to beading jewellery pair-ups.
  • Stay away from those little dangle earrings that are so popular at craft fairs and mall kiosks, honestly they look cheap. Instead get a pair of Unisilver earrings that will go well with any dress.

Accessorizing can be learnt so browse through more Pinterest/Instagram feeds to get more ideas on how to better mix and match your outfits with jewellery and accessories and if the style suits you and makes you feel confident, you can’t get too wrong. So, be bold and start accessorizing with Unisilver’s wide range of accessories!