Phone and tablet protection comes no greater than the giant that is Urban Armor Gear in Malaysia. This gadget protection company has developed advanced casings and covers to protect your electronics and keep you connected. With funky designs and creative use of space, you’ll love Urban Armor Gear. Find out more about Urban Armor Gear here.

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Urban Armor Gear in the Philippines

Is your smartphone such a vital part of your life? Did you just buy a new Samsung or iPhone and have to guard it like your baby? If you answered ‘yes’ to both these questions, then you have to listen to what we’re saying. The answer you’re looking for is in Urban Armor Gear Philippines. if you’ve never heard of the brand, you’ve definitely seen it. With military-grade looks and protection that seems to withstand a blast, Urban Armor Gear features the toughest phone and tablet protection you could provide for your gadgets. Better still, today, Urban Armor Gear is available in the Philippines for the lowest prices just for you. You’ll find it best at iprice Philippines. Browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

What makes Urban Armor Gear so special?

Smartphones and tablets are fragile gadgets. Protecting them requires a tough and durable casing. If you resort to buying after-market or counterfeit phone covers, you might end up with a pretty looking phone, but may risk causing harm to the gadget. Some people may cringe at the design of Urban Armor Gear phone casings, so what makes it so great? Underneath the exterior, Urban Armor Gear has a secret to enhance durability and shock-absorption. Here are some reasons why you should look into Urban Armor Gear phone and tablet casings:

Military-grade testing. Urban Armor Gear casings are subjected to extreme tests to ensure the inner comfort and the durability of the outer shell to withstand a fall or a hard knock.

A perfect fit. Unlike other phone casings that claw on to your phone, Urban Armor Gear wraps around the edges of your gadgets like a perfectly-sized condom.

Lightweight structure. Despite its appearance, Urban Armor Gear casings have minimal weight. Without burdening the user, Urban Armor Gear has managed to develop technology that can protect and enhance usage.

Instant conversation-starter. If you wrap your phone with Urban Armor Gear protection, you will definitely be the talk of the town. Just whip out your phone in a crowd and you are the VIP. Seeing is believing.

Urban Armor Gear collaborating with the top gadget brands in the Philippines

There is another big reason why you should get Urban Armor Gear for your phone and other gadgets. This reason is the ultimate seller. Are you ready? Here goes! Urban Armor Gear has accessories for all the top brands of gadgets in the Philippines. Everything from Samsung to iPhone to LG, Motorola and Microsoft devices, Urban Armor Gear has it! Even the older Samsung and iPhone models have Urban Armor Gear cases available online to suit them.

What’s better, Urban Armor Gear has all kinds of colours and patterns to suit your personality. If you’re a cheerful person who loves bright colours, Urban Armor Gear has colours that are vibrant such as orange, yellow and neon green. If you are a neutral and level-headed individual, go for colours like brown, black blue and white. It’s unbelievable how many choices you can have with Urban Armor Gear.

The best of Urban Armor Gear in the Philippines

Let’s look more specifically at what Urban Armor Gear accessories you could get for your gadgets. Iprice has the list of goodies hand-picked for your convenience. Here are some choices you can choose for yourself:

  • UAG TPU Protective Slim Case for iPhone 6 Plus (Orange)
  • UAG Folio Case for iPad Mini 4 (Blue)
  • UAG Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Army Green)
  • UAG Composite Cases for iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus
  • UAG Urban Armor Gear Case for Apple iPhone 6s Plus 5.5" (White)
  • UAG Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Army Green)
  • UAG Urban Armor Gear Case for iPhone SE 5 5S (Ice)

iPrice and Urban Armour Gear

Now that you know more about this awesome brand, it’s time to get shopping! iprice has a huge variety of discounts and unbeatable bargains on all phone accessories. What are your favorite colours? White, Red and Orange are amongst the most fashionable and popular choices from Urban Armor Gear. Urban Armor Gear products are much affordable to everyone! You can save up to 74% discounts when you shop with iprice now! Check out Urban Armor Gear's best-selling items such as Rugged Folio Cover Stand Case for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 (Black), Urban Armor Gear Case for Apple iPhone 6s Plus 5.5" (White) and Urban Armor Gear Protective Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Dark Blue) to match your style. Urban Armor Gear has some of the best items available, yet don’t miss out on other hot and fashionable items from Samsung, Nillkin and Spigen. Products from Urban Armor Gear vary between RM 26.00 to RM 450.00 with iPrice. Urban Armor Gear has many kinds of Phones & Tablets that would suit your needs. So what are for? Get online and shop for the very best in Urban Armor Gear.