Valve is a popular digital distribution company that not only offers video games but also merchandise like toy collectibles. If you have a collection of Valve action figures, here are some tips on how to keep them in mint condition. You can also check out the latest Valve products below.


Tips on How to Store Your Toy Collectibles with Valve Philippines

Keeping your action figure collection in mint condition is easy. It takes very little time and will help your collection last longer, making for nice displays and maintaining their collectible value. Just like any collection (stamps, stationery, coins, bags, comic books), Valve Philippines action figures can be susceptible to environmental factors and aging. A few simple steps will help keep your action figures looking brand-new.

Store in a Dry, Dark Place

There are certain elements in the environment that are not favorable for our collectibles. This includes dust, direct sunlight, and warm temperatures. Keep in mind that most action figures have delicate plastic casings which get damaged easily if exposed to these elements. Sunlight and moisture are the primary elements that you need to avoid when storing your toy collection. They destroy the packaging, discolor the plastic, and degrade the color of your items over time.

Store collectible toys in an area that does not change much in temperature and moisture levels. And keep them out of direct sunlight. Ensure that when picking a room to store your toys, you have a way of controlling the humidity. If you still want to display your collection for the world to see, place them behind glass cases.

Choose Acid-Free Plastic Bags

If you have Valve Philippines action figures that have damaged boxes, then fret not because you can still preserve their condition by storing them in plastic bags. But before doing that, do not just use the regular sandwich zip lock bags you usually buy from the store. These bags are usually not meant for long-term storage. They contain acid that will damage the paint on your toy, leaving it sticky and eventually worthless. Buy storage bags that are acid-free which are usually made of polypropylene. These plastic bags are usually used by museums to store artifacts, preserving them to their original condition.

Remove Batteries

Make sure to remove your action figures’ batteries if you plan on taking it out of its original packaging and leaving it out in the open for long. Over time, the acid in the batteries will leak out and damage your collectible toy; thus, cutting back its value and ruining its appearance.

Prevent Dirt and Dust Build-Up

Fight off dirt and dust build-up by handling your figures carefully. If they become dirty, they can be cleaned by soaking them in warm soapy water and scrubbing them gently with a toothbrush. Dust can be easily removed with a can of air-propelled dust remover like you'd use on computer equipment and keyboards.

Keep them in Original Packaging

If you are planning on selling your action figures someday, then ensure that you keep them in their original packaging. Also, their selling value is higher if they are unopened. This guarantees that they are in mint condition even if they have been with you for many years. Unopened toys are worth significantly more than those that have been opened or out of the box. You can be assured that these items haven't been subjected to wear and tear or to any damage brought about by everyday exposure to the elements.

If you decide to keep your action figure in its packaging, the package itself may require some care. Keep in mind that there are dangers to packaging including the following:

  • High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause the plastic covering that encases the figure to become very delicate which can lead to cracking. Also, hot temperatures can cause the glue that holds the plastic covering to the cardboard backing to detach, making the covering fall right off of the cardboard and at the same time affecting your figures.
  • Direct sunlight can cause damage on the inks on the cardboard, fading the graphics in a couple of weeks, in turn, decreasing its "mint" value.
  • Be careful of the cardboard on the back as it's made from inexpensive materials, making it easily crease, bend, or peel apart if handled badly or dropped. Also, your fingers have natural oils which can cause the ink on the cardboard to lose its color or bleach if handled frequently. All of these things will affect the mint condition of your action figure, as other collectors check for these issues when purchasing or appraising an action figure collection.

Why Do I Need to Take Care of My Action Figures?

Since the materials that action figures are made from are delicate, they can show signs of wear and tear over time. Their paint can chip or rub off, while their plastic body can become discolored or dirty or marred with grime and dust.