Vans shoes and accessories - stylish and versatile, are some of the most recognizable footwear in the fashion business today. Since 1996, this iconic brand has been on every hypebeasts’ shoe collection. Read more about the iconic Vans shoe series that every sneaker-holic should own or check out the hottest shoes for men and women from Vans Store Philippines below.


Vans FAQ: Vans Philippines Shoes Price, Availability, and More!

How much are Vans in the Philippines?

As of 2020, the Vans shoes price in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 330.00 to ₱ 4,167.41. Vans shoes are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee and Farfetch.

Vans PH Price List 2020

Vans Shoes



Vans Classic Slip On Shoe - Youth Black White Check

₱ 2,011.69


Vans Old Skool Canvass Shoes

₱ 2,198.00


Vans Authentic Shoe - Youth Black White

₱ 2,010.88


Vans 【Ready Stock】100%Original Kyle Walker Pro Canvas Shoes

₱ 2,735.00


Vans Era Vn-0Ewzblk Sneakers Fashion Shoes

₱ 1,950.00


Vans TNT Advanced Prot Sneakers

₱ 4,167.41


Vans 【Liyind】Vans X Baker Style 112 Pro Black Red Edge Skateboard Sports Casual Shoes Couple Shoes F22005

₱ 2,990.00


Vans New Slip On Check-Board For Women(36-40)

₱ 330.00


Vans OG Authentic LX “Chilli Pepper” Sneakers

₱ 2,629.30


Vans 100% Original New Arrival Cod Men'S & Wn'S Classic Old Skool Yacht Club Skateboard

₱ 2,108.00


Top 5 Iconic Vans Shoes in the Philippines

Worn by skateboarders, fashionistas, and hypebeasts, Vans shoes are some of the most iconic footwear today. They are so popular that you will almost instantly spot someone wearing a pair and for good reason! They are comfortable, stylish, and sturdy; having your own Vans shoes would be a great investment considering the years of wear you’re going to get out of it.

One of the longest living skate brands today, Vans has undergone constant reinventions and redesigns, but ultimately, their most iconic series are still ones that are sought after. Here are 5 iconic Vans products that every sneaker-lover, skateboarder, and fashionista should have on their collection.

Vans Authentic

The shoe series that launched Vans as a skateboarding brand, Vans Authentic was first revealed in 1966. Given the fact that skateboarding is almost limited to small verts and flat, cushioning was not required for skate shoes hence the design. As more skateboarders push the limit in street, Vans Authentic became more of a fashion statement than a functional skate shoe.

Vans Era

10 years after the first release of Vans Authentic, more and more skateboarders are pushing to the streets for new obstacles as well as big verts. Because of that, the Authentic needs a rehaul to become more functional towards skateboarders - adding more cushioning and protection for high-impact tricks, hence the birth of the Vans Era. Designed by skate legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, this Vans shoe looks similar to Vans Authentic but has more cushioning on the side.

Vans Old Skool

First debuted in 1977, Vans Old Skool was the first series to bear the signature side stripe. Originally designed for skateboarders, Vans Old Skool has a padded tongue for additional cushioning, lining, as well as Vans signature waffle outsole and vulcanizing. If you see it, you would know that it’s a pair of Vans Old Skool.

Vans Slip-On

Released at the same time as the Old Skool, Vans Slip-Ons took on a world of its own during the early 2000s Emo/Scene phases mostly with Checkerboard designs. Although this shared memory hits all the nostalgic spots, the Vans Slip-On shoe first gained fame from Sean Penn’s surfer character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Vans Sk8-Hi

Following the success of the Slip-On and Old Skool, Vans created a shoe specifically designed for function i.e. for skateboarders. The high-top is designed to minimize ankle injuries along with additional padding on the tongue as well as on the body. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Vans shoe without the signature vulcanized waffle outsole and the side stripe.

Vans has a huge history in fashion and even bigger history in skateboarding. If you’re either a skateboarder or a fashionista, grab your favorite Vans shoes at the best price online in the Philippines!