Revered in the fashion world as one of the leading brands for women’s underwear, Victoria Secret Philippines never fail to amaze. Victoria Secret as a brand is well-known across the globe and is considered the best lingerie retailer in the world. From the impeccably-designed lingerie to the Victoria Secret perfumes and bath & body products, the brand celebrates and empowers femininity in all shapes and sizes.


Best-Selling Victoria Secret Perfumes in the Philippines

Bombshell: The brand’s best-selling perfume, Victoria Secret Bombshell has a fruity floral scent. It’s made with purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony, and vanilla orchid.

  • Bombshell Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,025
  • Bombshell Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375
  • Bombshell Fragrance Lotion - PHP 1,375
  • Bombshell Luminous Body Cream - PHP 1,650

Tease: The Victoria Secret Tease has a warm gourmand scent. The Tease is made with Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and Blooming Gardenia.

  • Tease Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,025
  • Tease Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375
  • Tease Fragrance Lotion - PHP 1,375
  • Tease Fragrant Body Oil - PHP 1,375
  • Tease Luminous Body Cream - PHP 1,650

Love: Bearing a fresh scent, the Victoria Secret Love fragrance is made with fresh juniper, apricot blush, and boyfriend tee.

  • Love Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,025
  • Love Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375
  • Love Fragrance Lotion - PHP 1,375
  • Love Fragrance Cream - PHP 1,650

Heavenly: Heavenly fragrance carries a warm scent, thanks to the white musk, sandalwood, and white peony used in making it.

  • Heavenly Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,025
  • Heavenly Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375
  • Heavenly Fragrance Lotion - PHP 1,375

Wicked: Wickedly good, the VS Wicked fragrance has a warm scent and is made with freesia, black sugar, and Tahitian vanilla.

  • Wicked Eau de Parfum - PHP 3,740
  • Wicked Fragrance Mist - PHP 1,375
  • Wicked Fragrance Lotion - PHP 1,375

Aside from the perfumes listed above, Victoria Secret Philippines also carry an array of body mists, usually with a tropical theme. The brand also offers rollerball and travel-sized perfumes.

Iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels

Throughout the years, many Victoria Secret models come and go. However, there’s a handful of Victoria Secret angels that remained people’s favorites, even after they’ve left the runway. Here are some of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret angels

  • Naomi Campbell
  • Tyra Banks
  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Heidi Klum
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Victoria Secret Fun Facts

  • Despite dominating the lingerie market, Victoria’s Secret is not always amusing as it has once been criticized for the “Perfect Body” commercial. The world was opposed to their imposed images of an ideal woman’s body with skinny models. The company was then required to change the ad concept critically.
  • Victoria’s Secret became the pioneer of wearable digital bras with its first high-tech undergarment called “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret” that can monitor your heart-rate. It was seen as the next level of the fitness industry. This invention has put Victoria’s Secret even father in the competition that no one could ever come close.
  • The extortionate prices don’t seem to hinder the company’s sales prospect at all. In fact, Victoria’s Secret has a steady increase in revenue over time and in 2014, its profit increased by 4% to nearly $5.2 billion of sales.
  • The luxury bejeweled Fantasy Bra from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is known as the world’s most expensive lingerie - “The Red Hot Fantasy Bra” with the value reaches $15 million!
  • Victoria’s Secret is a sister company of L Brands, the retail business run by Leslie Wexner, alongside other well-known beauty brands like Bath and Body, Pink, La Senza and Henri Bendel.
  • American sweetheart Taylor Swift is said to be Victoria’s Secret’s almost angel for her eye-popping performances on the show for 2 consecutive years, even her besties are mostly VS’s angels like Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo.

The man behind Victoria’s Secret creation

The story that led to the birth of every woman’s desire, Victoria’s Secret, was too humble that you wouldn’t think the brand could become globally renown as it is today. It all began when the Founder Roy Raymond experienced a “tragic” moment when buying lingerie for his wife and that he realized how poorly those granny-looking garments were sewed. He then spent 8 years long to indulge in the making of undergarment and its market to eventually start his own line called Victoria’s Secret in 1977. His initial aim was to make lingerie shopping less terrifying for men with the idea of designing his store to resemble the British boudoir. His attempt to market the brand towards men, although proved to be deviated, was the root of the brand’s core marketing strategy: to provide the kind of underwear that goes beyond its traditional function to become an item that embodies joy, sensuality and intimacy in a subtle way and serves as a “honeymoon companion”.

Being too persistent in his motive, the brand couldn’t win the heart of the ladies and soon declared bankrupt. In 1982, Roy had to put an end to his entrepreneurship in lingerie market with the deal to sell off Victoria’s Secret to the sportswear tycoon Leslie Wexner at approximately $1 million.

The new era of Victoria’s Secret kingdom

Under the lead of its new owner, the brand changed its philosophy to serving women which was ought to be acquired in the beginning. Instead of trying to attract their husbands, Wexner put his focus on satisfying the demands of the ladies with more investments being implemented to produce high quality and appealing lingerie as well as beauty products.

His dedication came to fruitful when the iconic fashion show “Victoria’s Secret” was launched in 1995 which immediately created a storm of applause with close to 10 million audiences worldwide. What makes the brand from almost hitting the bottom line to the top retailer who owns 35% of the market? Let’s find out more below.

The angel’s wings of Victoria’s Secret fairy land

Unless you have been frozen in a block of ice, you would have already known about the phenomenal lingerie show Victoria’s Secret – the house of the world’s most admired supermodels who are angels in disguise such as Tyra Banks (the Founder and host of the show America’s Next Top Model), Alessandra Ambrosio, Mirinda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevinge…

The most influential factor of the brand’s success is neither their luxury bras nor glamorous runway but the women who represent their generation around the world. They are more than just supermodels, their sexy and healthy body is the reflection of determination, hard work, and passion. Victoria’s Secret won the lingerie and beauty industry thanks to its contagiousness of their angels’ utmost confidence, which is demonstrated through the handmade sparkling wings. Victoria’s Secret is genuinely famous for its sparkling “angel wings” and the enchanting look of their lingerie collections. Undergarments now have a whole new image, as they are no longer just simply a brand for women but an empire of beautiful, confident and passionate individuals who are more worthy than just a “walking skeleton”.

To become a Victoria’s Secret angel is therefore a dream of every girl from everywhere in the World.

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