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VIZZI Notch-Neck Short-Sleeve Blouse at 583.00 PHP from YesStyle
VIZZI Notch-Neck Short-Sleeve Blouse
₱ 583.00 ₱ 729.00
This split neck tee will form the foundation of any easy day look. Cut from billowing cotton blend, its simplistic design is offset with a notched neckline and rolled-up cuffs. Balance the free-spirited feel by pairing it with skinny pants. Color: Red, Materials: Linen-cotton Blends, Size: M: Bust: 96cm, Sleeve Length: 32cm, Total Length: 65cm, Shoulder Width: 36cm L: Bust: 100cm, Sleeve Length: 33cm, Total Length: 66cm, Shoulder Width: 37cm XL: Bust: 104cm, Sleeve Length: 34cm, Total Length: 67cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm Xxl: Bust: 108cm, Sleeve Length: 35cm, Total Length: 68cm, Shoulder Width: 39cm Xxxl: Bust: 112cm, Sleeve Length: 36cm, Total Length: 69cm, Shoulder Width: 40cm, Care: N/A
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VIZZI Ruffle Trim 3/4 Sleeve Chiffon Blouse at 661.00 PHP from YesStyle
VIZZI Ruffle Trim 3/4 Sleeve Chiffon Blouse
₱ 661.00 ₱ 827.00
Brand from China: Vizzi. Color: Sky Blue, Materials: Chiffon, Size: L: Length: 69cm, Bust: 96cm, Sleeve Length: 44cm, Shoulder Width: 39cm XL: Length: 70cm, Bust: 102cm, Sleeve Length: 45cm, Shoulder Width: 41cm 2Xl: Length: 71cm, Bust: 110cm, Sleeve Length: 46cm, Shoulder Width: 44cm 3Xl: Length: 72cm, Bust: 118cm, Sleeve Length: 47cm, Shoulder Width: 47cm 4Xl: Length: 73cm, Bust: 126cm, Sleeve Length: 48cm, Shoulder Width: 50cm, Care: N/A
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VIZZI V-Neck Chiffon Blouse at 740.00 PHP from YesStyle
VIZZI V-Neck Chiffon Blouse
₱ 740.00 ₱ 924.00
Formed from crisp, artfully sleek chiffon, this contrast-trimmed blouse is perfect in and out of the office. The easy-to-wear design is great for pairing with fitted pants to play up its fluid feel. Color: White, Materials: Chiffon, Size: XL: Total Length: 64cm, Bust: 112cm, Hem: 126cm, Cuff: 33cm Xxl: Total Length: 65cm, Bust: 118cm, Hem: 132cm, Cuff: 35cm Xxxl: Total Length: 66cm, Bust: 124cm, Hem: 138cm, Cuff: 37cm 4Xl: Total Length: 67cm, Bust: 130cm, Hem: 144cm, Cuff: 39cm 5Xl: Total Length: 68cm, Bust: 136cm, Hem: 150cm, Cuff: 41cm, Care: N/A
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VIZZI Short Sleeve V-Neck Blouse at 622.00 PHP from YesStyle
VIZZI Short Sleeve V-Neck Blouse
₱ 622.00 ₱ 778.00
Brand from China: Vizzi. Color: White, Materials: Blended Fabric, Size: XL: Bust: 100cm, Shoulder Width: 39cm, Total Length: 77cm, Sleeve Length: 59cm, Arm: 35cm 2Xl: Bust: 106cm, Shoulder Width: 40.5cm, Total Length: 78cm, Sleeve Length: 59.5cm, Arm: 36.5cm 3Xl: Bust: 112cm, Shoulder Width: 42cm, Total Length: 79cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Arm: 38cm 4Xl: Bust: 118cm, Shoulder Width: 43.5cm, Total Length: 80cm, Sleeve Length: 60.5cm, Arm: 39.5cm 5Xl: Bust: 124cm, Shoulder Width: 45cm, Total Length: 81cm, Sleeve Length: 61cm, Arm: 41cm, Care: N/A
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