VW has made a revolution in the automotive industry even in Hong Kong. A brand so iconic that you can instantly spot their signature models from afar. Much of this boom was thanks to one car – the Volkswagen Beetle. Find out more about this iconic car below.

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The Volkswagen Beetle – The most iconic car in the world

Cars are amazing machines built by more than a century of technological breakthroughs. At the helm of leading automotive technologies and innovation is Volkswagen. Known as The People’s Car, this amazing car company revolutionized the way we saw automobiles post-World War II. The company’s greatest feat was producing a car that would be remembered throughout history. A car that is iconic from its release in 1949 till today. That car is the Volkswagen Beetle. From Germany to right here in Philippines, the Volkswagen Beetle is thought of as the most prized classic car in the world. So what makes the Beetle so special? Let’s find out.

Beauty in its shape

Classic cars generally are thought to be beautifully designed. With curves that rival a woman’s figure, classic cars are a sight to behold. The Volkswagen Beetle is no exception. Almost every part of the car has a curve. From the roof to the boot, bonnet, and fenders, the VW Beetle is unmatched in its looks. The “Bug Eyed” headlamps are, until today, a symbol of the Beetle’s long life on this earth.

During its early days, the Beetle had the classic split-window on its rear. Although it was somewhat impractical, the car had the ability to keep up with other car companies in its time. Along with its swooping curves and flawless body, you could find nothing wrong with the Beetle’s looks.

In later years, sporty designing was added into the Beetle’s looks. Pinstripes, white-wall tires, wooden interior finish, and even a rear spoiler were all part of the Beetle’s flair. Until today, the VW Beetle is prized as an icon of car beauty.

Practicality for daily use

When Volkswagen first set out to make a car, they had in mind a model that would be practical and affordable for German citizens to use. It had to be tough enough to withstand harsh winters with the ability to bring a family of 5 out and about. It also had to be safe to bring the family out. The overall design of the VW Beetle complemented all these guidelines. It was big enough to fit a family of 2 parents plus 3 children, at the same time, it had safety features that were top notch among cars of that era.

The early models of the Beetle saw a split-window in the rear that was a hindrance to the rear view. On later models, a sheet windscreen was fit in for better visibility. Adequate trunk space was given in the front of the car, shifting weight to the back of the car. The Beetle’s wide girth and stable body also made it sturdy on the road.

A rear engine

One signature design in Volkswagen and its cousin, Porsche, is the rear-mounted engine. A rear-mounted engine is generally fixed for powerful cars. But for VW, the Beetle was fit with the engine at the back of the car. The rear engine meant that boot space had to go in the front. With trunk space in the front, the car could take a front-end collision and not end up in flames. This design also gave the car more grip and a weighty back-end.

Its small 1.2L petrol engine powered the car to its optimal potential. Although later variants saw an upgrade in its engine, the air-cooled system allowed the Beetle to start smooth even in winter. The ability to adapt to the cold environment of Europe gave the Beetle the upper hand in its class.

Easy modification

As with all cars, a bit of modification is sometimes good to personalize your car. The VW Beetle had hundreds of options for customization if you were interested. The basics started with side-view mirrors, front visor, white-wall tires, sports rims, front and rear bumpers, and a rear spoiler. Among the more advanced customizations were the front and side sports skirts.

In many cases, the Beetle was made into a buggy to tackle off-road terrain. Upgraded engines fitted with turbos and other high-performance mods became the norm with Beetle enthusiasts.

Say hello to the all-new VW Beetle

Like everything else, sometimes the old has to leave and make way for the new. Thankfully, after we said goodbye to the last VW Beetle, a new series of modern Beetles were produced. These beauties were based on a VW Golf chassis but came with all the luxuries of a modern car. Of course, the curves of the classic car would be part of the design in the all-new Beetle. Until today, the Beetle is a much-loved car throughout the world.

VW Beetle-inspired product line-up

It’s no surprise that the Beetle inspired a long line-up of merchandise throughout the years. From VW clothing to accessories such as VW bags and wallets, the Beetle has been a styling inspiration for many of these products. If you are an enthusiast, it’s time to shop for these amazing products above.

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