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VR Box Price List in Philippines for October, 2018

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VR Box is a company that produces a range of virtual reality smartphone-holding headsets. These headsets let you use your smartphone as the VR screen and then secures to your head with a set of adjustable elastic straps so you can experience a proper VR experience. Read more here.

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Experience Virtual Reality with these VR Boxes

VR, short for virtual reality, is all the trend and glory these days. It first started with Google making it big with their Google Cardboard give away, but that is primarily for the mobile smartphone scene. Computers, on the other hand, have spent an incredibly long time in the development of virtual reality, most especially in video games; bringing a whole new level of immersion to the players. Smartphone VR, on the other hand, is not only geared towards video games, but also in other aspects such as videos and education.

What is VR, or Virtual Reality?

VR is pretty much self-explanatory with its full name: virtual reality. Virtual as in something that is close or similar to the reality of the description, or does not physically exist, but is made to appear as if it's true via computer software. Reality is well – reality. Put those two words together to form the term virtual reality and is it defined as a computer software technology that seeks to replicate an environment or situation that immerses the user, thus putting them into a make-believe reality.

What use is a VR Box for your smartphone if there are no VR videos or applications to use them with, right? Right here are a few of the best VR applications that you can download on your smartphone to fully get yourself immersed in virtual reality.

Cardboard and Cardboard Camera by Google The Google Cardboard and Cardboard Camera applications lets you experience VR video and images, with 3D mapped sounds that follow the direction of your viewing. It also allows you to take great panoramic photographs with depth and sound so that when you view it again in VR mode, it will be an even more enhanced experience.
Insidious VR Fans of horror films will undoubtedly recognize the Insidious title of the horror film. This application basically plays out the Insidious horror trailer in 3D VR, allowing you to experience the terrifying horrors first hand.
Cardboard! Aside from the ridiculous name, this is an excellent VR game that delivers a fully immersive experience of you diving off of buildings all at the same time of attempting stunts. It is a great game, but it must be purchased, so your mileage may vary.
YouTube Yes, you read that right. YouTube now also supports VR-enabled videos. Videos that are recorded with omni-directional cameras can be looked around in like a normal VR environment, whereas normal videos can also be viewed in VR, but it acts more like a projected screen in a virtual space.

Try Out These VR Sets

VR Box is a company that produces affordable and effective VR headsets that are universally compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets are unfortunately too large to fit in their headsets. They are relatively an unknown company, but their VR Box products are commonly found everywhere for sale – they are pretty well received by the market too!

The VR box or headsets that they sell to the consumers are not only affordable, but it does the job incredibly well. Smartphone VR products have at the very least only one single thing to do: to hold your smartphone in place so that you can enjoy the virtual experience hands-free. There are currently two different models of VR Boxes in Philippines, they have no discernible model names between them, except that people tend to categorize them into the different generations.

First Generation VR Box

The first generation VR Box features an all white panel on the front, with two vent holes on both the top and bottom. Moving to the rear of the box are a set of three elastic straps that hold on to your head softly while you are using the box – they are adjustable for different head sizes. The smartphone fits in a tray that slides out from the right side of the VR Box. The tray fits smartphones of 4.7-inch to 6.0-inch displays. The left front panel of the VR Box is removable so that the smartphone's camera can be used.

Second Generation VR Box

The second generation VR Box works similarly to the first generation, but with a much more stylish update to the front panel for aesthetic purposes. The top and bottom vents from the first generation VR Box are now gone, but instead, the Box gains a glossy black panel which surrounds an off-center white panel that can slide open to reveal a smartphone's camera. Like the first generation, a smartphone fits in a slide-out tray from the right side of the VR Box, but the tray now fits smaller smartphones from 3.5 inches to 6.0 inches displays.