Imagine the world without all the fantastic cartoon images, beautiful graphics, and many other inspiring art; It's very sad, isn’t it? We certainly cannot find much joy in life if we live in a monochromatic world. With their dedication to add more colors to life, Wacom is the number one choice of many designers when it comes to creating art. Read on to find out more about Wacom in the Philippines!


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The Ultimate Guide to Wacom graphic design tools and tablets in the Philippines

Create stunning artworks with Wacom

If you are a newbie to the graphic design world, Wacom is where you get everything started. It gives every artist the power to transform their imagination into vibrant and lively images, from paper sketch to computer graphics effortlessly. With the help of the brand’s tablets, you can draw naturally as on paper, refine and even recreate your masterpiece without going through countless drafts, what a time to be a designer!

The brand takes pride in being the greatest companion of many great designers’ creative journeys to transform life into something more inspiring in every way possible through arts. The way Wacom captures the very essence of beauty in a regular object and blends them in a vivacious spectrum of colors is just brilliant! You will get to draw as on paper while playing around with brushes, colours, and graphic effects from the simple to the advanced function of Wacom.

Find the ideal Wacom products that suit your need

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creativity and in order to bring them into life, let Wacom be your drawing and designing buddy at all times! No matter which area of arts that you are specialised in, you can find the exact Wacom match from its variety of products:

Wacom for Design

There is absolutely nothing that can beat the advancement of Wacom, especially in the field of Graphic design (including Fashion design and Product design). Drawing on a computer screen can be a real hassle without a stylus and a tablet to give you the flexibility to draw naturally. Anyone will agree to the fact that controlling your sketching flow, either vector design or freestyle drawing, using the mouse will not result in the best artwork. In fact, Wacom enables you to go beyond any limit to create the most complex patterns and 3D arts in the simplest way possible.

Wacom’s multi-touch interface works excellent with advanced software like Autodesk, Corel, Toon Boom, and Adobe. The versatility of the tablet and stylus pen will deliver extra productivity to help your work more enjoyable.

Some of the best Wacom products for Design:

  • Cintiq Companion 2
  • Cintiq 27 QHD Touch
  • Intuos Pro SE

Wacom for Drawing

Very similar to Wacom design products, the line of Wacom for drawing ensures the smoothest and most natural sketch no matter what you draw. It is featured with the 3D touch (pressure sensitivity) that can mirror the actual drawing feel as well as a pen that can be used as marker, pencil, texture or spray paint. Using Wacom will open up the whole universe of arts where the sky's the limit.

Whether it’s a fine line or something more artistic, you can draw anything with the Wacom digital brush strokes freely. Create more wonderful painting today with the best Wacom for drawing as below:

  • Cintiq 13 HD Touch
  • Cintiq Companion Hybrid
  • Intuos Pen and Touch medium/ small

The brand makes creating manga and comics digitally as easy and beautiful as drawing on paper. You will instantly get that fantasy effect for your character designs and magnificent frameworks with flawless precision.

Wacom for capturing ideas

Providing more than just drawing tools, Wacom stylus and tablets also cater to your note-taking needs. Get more works done with these innovative gadgets! Discover the Bamboo Spark device that allows you to sketch ideas and take notes on a digital pad that works like paper, except faster, more precise and easier to store on the cloud. Keep Wacom with you on-the-go to capture all the spontaneous ideas that may turn into something Big!

The collections of Wacom stylus will leave you with plenty of choices for digital pens that are also compatible with other devices like iPhone, iPad and other smartphones. They come in different sizes and functionalities with the same powerful “design force” packed in a stylish and elegant exterior.

Get your hands on the best Wacom products as below:

  • Bamboo Spark
  • Bamboo Smart for Selected Tablets
  • Bamboo Alpha
  • Bamboo Duo

Unleash your creativity with Wacom technology

The brand does not only provide artists with advanced tools to simplify their works but also inspires them with innovations in the form of apps and product usages to further help them to explore the world of creativity. You can easily transform ideas into real images and start painting life in dazzling colors. Don’t also forget to join the Wacom community to explore and exchange your creative ideas with other artists. You will find countless tips as well as valuable tutorials to bring your arts into life. Be it scenery sketches, fashion designs, or 3D product designs, wherever there is Wacom, there is art.

What is a Wacom tablet used for?

The tablet is used as an input device that is useful for creative industry workers starting from graphic designers to photographers. As mentioned earlier, Wacom tablets can be utilized for drawing, writing, and designing. Advanced photos editing is also possible with this device.

What type of tablet is the Wacom Cintiq?

Wacom Cintiq is a device that combines a tablet and creative pen that would cater to your productive and comfortable creative process. The combination of full HD display and anti-glare film from the Cintiq tablet provides you better picture clarity with less distracting reflections. Wacom Cintiq comes with Wacom Pro Pen 2 that features an Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology that requires neither battery nor recharging.

Can you use a Wacom tablet without a computer?

Yes, it is possible for you to use a Wacom tablet alone without any computer help. With Wacom MobileStudio Pro, you can experience an independent creative process anywhere you want. Awesome display, precise pen, enhanced computing power, completed with a long-lasting battery will boost your productivity.

What is Wacom compatible with?

Tablets from the brand like Wacom one are compatible with a limited number of Android devices and Android adapters. However, Wacom Intuos (CTL4100 and CTL 6100 models) is now compatible with a wider selection of Android smartphones and tablets using Android 6.0 OS or later. Android devices that are compatible with Wacom Intuos are Asus, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Oneplus, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more. To connect your Wacom Intuos with your Android device, a special USB OTG adapter is needed.

How much is Wacom in the Philippines?

Products from the brand are priced as low as ₱ 151.42 up to ₱ 1,114,520.00. You can compare models and prices with iPrice Philippines from trusted merchants like Galleon. Shop online with iPrice and bring your ideas to life!