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Ear Plugs Noise Reduction Reusable Concert Hearing Protection Earplugs Safety Construction Work Earplug Swimming Soft Silicone Noise Cancelling Ear Plug For Sleeping Woman Man (woman/man)
₱ 1,442.00

MANUFACTURER PRODUCT LAUNCH SPECIAL !!! 2 pairs of ear plugs, Blue and Pink size:standard ⚠️‼️⚠️ We can all subject our ears to potentially damage noise !!! NOISE-INDUCED HEARING LOSS is a function of exposure time,the average noise level,and the peak level of very loud sounds.Noise may not just be annoying;at high intensity it can be damaging.Our ears were not meant to endure a constant hail of loud sounds.As a result,millions of Americans suffer from noise induced hearing loss. ✅ You can prevent deafness due to noise WHETHER YOU ARE HEADING TO a concert,festival,nightclub or any destination with loud sounds,Hearheed ear plugs serve as your protector against hearing loss. Hearheed ear plugs don't just reduce sound pressure(attenuate the volume),but enable you to hear everything perfectly without all the hard edges,meaning you can enjoy the music(sports events,motorcycles,etc...),without suffering hearing loss. ✅ Don't let noise continue to hinder you from getting a good nights sleep Sleep is a very important aspect of good health. Everyone of us will be sleeping roughly 24 years on average during our lifetime. Many people may be very light sleepers, have partners who snore, noisy neighbors or live near a busy street. Hearheed earplugs offer optimum comfort and create a peaceful and relaxing environment, helping your body totally relax so you can sleep properly. Features ✅ Hearheed hearing protectors have an average attenuation value of 29dB ✅ Developed to be discrete, easy fit and comfortable ✅ Super easy to clean, hypoallergenic, are provided with an hygienic aluminium carrying case and instructions ✅ EN 352-1:2006 and EN 352-2:2002 certified ONE YEAR GUARANTEE !!! We make customer satisfaction a top priority !!! Special price available only for a short time !!! ✅ ADD TO YOUR CART NOW !!!

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