When it comes to personal hygiene, Waterpik designs and develops innovative products that can make your job easier and more convenient. Read more about Waterpik Philippines here.


Waterpik Philippines - Bringing Enthusiasm & Energy To Your Life

When it comes to personal and oral health care products, Waterpik has been recognized as one of the prominent leaders that produce innovative products that make the real difference in the life of its users. After all, personal and oral health care products are the ones that should make your life better as they ensure that you enjoy proper hygiene. However, Waterpik stands out from the rest because it delivers its products that emphasize technology and innovation in their own simplicity so that everyone can experience the full benefit; its products are clinically proven and the results are just satisfying.

In other words, Waterpik takes the extra step of designing its products to be more innovative as all of its products offer better benefits than other rival brands in the market. These benefits also mean that people can practise proper hygiene better as they are easy to use as well as being affordable at the same time. Most importantly, Waterpik products have been bringing enthusiasm and energy in the lives of many people as they prove to be effective in terms of promoting proper hygiene.

About Waterpik Philippines & Its History Of Breakthroughs

Despite making several breakthroughs in recent years, Waterpik actually boasted a long history that went as far as 1962. Once known as Aqua Tec Corp, the company was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado by a unlikely pair, dentist Gerald Moyer and hydraulic engineer John Mattingly. Subsequently, both worked together in making an oral irrigator for use in dentistry. After so many trials, they eventually came out with motorized oral irrigation device that did not leak. Even then, it was not until 1967 that this product received its patent. To this day, Waterpik Water Flosser has been operating with similar principle and design like the original model, only better.

In 1973, Waterpik brought Waterpik Original Shower Massage to the world as the first massaging shower head. Such introduction of revolutionary product enabled Waterpik to be the market leader in shower heads. Having pride in making its own original products, Waterpik is driven to introduce even more innovative products that prove to be very inspiring. From the simple electric toothbrush to plaque removal system and flexible shower massage, Waterpik contributed hundreds of patents to the betterment of not just the industry itself, but also hygienic practices as well. From 1980 to 2000, Waterpik experienced such exponential growth as it developed a large variety of products in order to keep up with the growing demand.

The year 2003 saw the introduction of revolutionary EcoFlow water-saving shower head that could save on energy bill as it conserved water by reducing water consumption. A year later, Waterpik brought Water Flosser which provided easy and effective way to floss as it was also cordless. In 2006, Waterpik unleashed its next generation Ultra Water Flosser that was actually more compact and quieter when compared with its predecessor. At the same time, Waterpik was also proud as numerous independent studies showed that its water flosser products proved to be very effective in reducing dental calculus and gingivitis.

Aside from its incredible water flosser products, Waterpik also released Sensonic Professional, a highly advanced sonic electric toothbrush. Not just an ordinary electric toothbrush, it offered bristle speed that was said to be 25% faster than others in the market. Not neglecting shower heads as well, Waterpik also introduced EasySelect shower head that emphasized the user experience by designing its buttons to be easier to reach so that the user could change the spray pattern effortlessly. Since it was important to instill values of practising proper hygiene at very young age, Waterpik also designed and developed products that are suited for children.

How Waterpik Philippines Change Your Life For Better

Clinically Proven
Before releasing any product to the market, Waterpik always takes great care in testing it extensively. Not just that, Waterpik also values any feedback from health professionals and customers alike in order to develop product that is entirely suitable and fit for purpose. Not surprisingly, such approach enables Waterpik products to be recognized for producing award-winning designs and technology.
Catering To Your Needs
Believing in the necessity of maintaining proper hygiene practices, Waterpik endeavors to design and develop various products that are essential in maintaining proper personal hygiene practices. As a result, Waterpik boasts an extensive line of products that can cater to your needs. Whether oral or body hygiene, Waterpik always provides the best products that will suit your preference. Acquiring patents is one thing but Waterpik manages to re engineer them into products that everyone can use without taking too much trouble in using them.

Popular Waterpik Philippines Products That Invigorate Your Life

Waterpik Oral Health Products
For healthier gum and brighter teeth, Waterpix oral health products have been testified by dentists and customers alike to be very effective in ensuring superior oral hygiene experience. Among them is the popular Waterpik Water Flosser that makes the usually arduous or mundane activity of flossing to be enjoyable. Aside from saving time and energy, the WaterpikWaterFlosser is easily the quickest and most comfortable way in cleaning your gum and teeth better than the usual dental flossing. While being non-invasive, WaterpikWaterFlosser also features different customizable modes in managing different water jets in order to adapt to your dental situation - sensitive teeth, braces or even clearing dental calculus.
For more thorough dental cleaning, you can trust on Waterpik Sensonic Professional Plus toothbrush that proves to be highly capable in removing plaques while improving your gum health at the same time. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can brush your teeth and gum more effectively as you enjoy solid yet comfortable grip when using it.
Waterpik Shower Heads
Waterpik gives you the opportunity in experiencing shower that is not just refreshing but also enjoyable as well. In the family of Waterpik shower heads, you can choose hand held, fixed mount or flexible neck options that suit your preference. All of them are designed to provide powerful sprays despite using less water only. Not only you are able to practise proper hygiene, but also you are preserving the environment as well.

Leading Healthy Lifestyle With Waterpik Philippines

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. In this matter of prevention, Waterpik products are very effective in reducing and even deterring certain diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place. When it comes to oral hygiene, you can always take a look at Waterpik dental care. Not forgetting about other aspect of personal hygiene as well, Waterpik bathroom products are designed in maximizing performance in cleaning your body while consuming less water at the same time.