If your computer’s hard drive malfunctioned or filled completely with important files, you may want to consider buying a new one. If you need an impressive device to store all your content, Western Digital has quality hard drive models that will get the job done. To help you choose the right model, follow these guidelines here.

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Your Guide to Buying Storage Devices from Western Digital Philippines

Storage devices can be found almost everywhere today, from the external ones you see in offices or homes to the internal drives found on the inside of many computers. One of the trusted electronic brands that offer these devices is Western Digital. Aside from the brand, there are other things to consider when you buy hard drives such as the type and the price.

Types of Hard Drive

When deciding the type of hard drive, you need to consider the storage capacity, the frequency of backing up files, and the usage.

Portable external hard drives

These are one of the most sought-after variants of hard drives. You have probably seen them in use everywhere – in offices, in schools, and on in-store shelves. Most models come with capacious storage like Western Digital’s Elements Portable Hard Drive that has a capacity of up to 2 terabytes of data. This is a whopping amount of storage that does not get easily filled in completely. With that large amount of space available, your computer will surely run seamlessly, without experiencing slow down.

Sophisticated external hard drives with better security

Aside from portable variants, there are also hard drives that are not only sleek but also provide better security like password encryption. Western Digital has the My Passport Ultra, Ultra Metal Edition, and My Passport Wireless models that offer such features. The My Passport Wireless variant is a portable hard drive that enables you to access all your data wirelessly. Just grab whatever personal computer you're using, be it your phone, tablet, or laptop - and connect wirelessly to get rid of all that cable clutter. Plus, it's rechargeable too!

Desktop hard drives

Most Western Digital’s desktop hard drives have large storage capacities, allowing you to store many of your favorite movies, games, music, and pictures. One of their most popular desktop hard drives is the Elements Desktop Hard Drive. It is a tall PC tower with storage capacities of up to 3TB which can hold a range of essentials you need including important work files and media files. To set it up, just plug it into your computer and it will work right after it auto-installs the basic drivers.

If you always want to keep your files up-to-date and backed-up, then you might want to consider the Western Digital My Book hard drive. It comes with software that backs up your computer data. With that, you are guaranteed you won’t lose any data. It is also encrypted so your files are protected safely with a password. Moreover, if you have a lot of data to back up, worry not because the My Book comes with a storage capacity of up to 12TB.

Mac hard drives

It’s not easy to find a decent third-party hard drive for Mac since most of the models you see on the market are subpar in terms of performance. But with Western Digital Mac hard drives, not only are they compatible with the Mac OS but also come with impressive features. They have the My Book and the My Book Studio models that can perform seamless and easy backups. If you want lightning-fast and versatile data transfers to your computer, then the My Book Thunderbolt Duo drive is an ideal choice. It is integrated with cutting-edge Thunderbolt technology that allows you to transfer larger files easily such as those for graphics rendering.

External or Internal Hard Drive

Before you buy, one of the most important things to consider is to choose between a hard drive that is going to be housed within a casing or to be used externally. Here are the features of each type.

External Drives

Designed for storage and backups, external drives typically come with USB 2.0 cords that can support data transfers of up to 480 Mbps. There are also advanced models that offer 5.0 Gbps transfer rates that move your files to your computer in no time. Another advantage of external drives is that they are portable and come with multiple ports. With that, multiple devices can connect to them and share files.

Internal Drives

If your computer’s built-in hard drive malfunctioned and needs to be replaced, then it’s best to get an internal hard drive. This is also the ideal type of drive if you only need the fast data transfer speed but don’t need the portability.


After choosing the type of hard drive, the next step is to determine which product fits your budget. There’s no need to choose an expensive model as long as it suits your needs and provides the best value for your money.