If you want gorgeous, stunning and simply irresistible lips, Wet n Wild Philippines gives you a selection of the best lipstick shades available online. Browse for your favorite lipstick color below or click here to know how you can look your best with stunning red Wet n Wild lipstick!


Luscious Lips with Wet n Wild Lipstick

One of the biggest cosmetic brands in the United States is now in Philippine shores! Wet n Wild Philippines gives you a wide array of cosmetics from foundations, down to nail polish. Among their biggest best-sellers is their huge line of lipstick collection spanning up to 400 existing shades - cruelty free and clinically tested! The brand was first established in 1979 with one of the cheapest lipstick and nail polishes in the market. Almost 40 years, the brand continues to provide cost-effective cosmetics for professionals and general consumers.

Lipstick collections from Wet n Wild Philippines

What most people love about Wet n Wild lipstick is its wide array of lip colors to choose from. There are more than 400 shades available today, and new ones are coming every year! On top of that, Wet n Wild lipsticks are so affordable; perfect for your daily makeup routine! Check out these awesome Wet n Wild lipstick collections that would definitely suit your taste:

  • Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color
  • Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color
  • We n Wild Mega Shield SPE 15 Lip Color

Other great products from Wet n Wild Philippines

Aside from lipstick, Wet n Wild Philippines also has several lip products available such as lip liners, lip gloss, and lip balms are also available. Their most famous product, the Wet n Wild Color icon lip liner #666 is one of the most famous shades of liners. It is compatible with all skin color and looks absolutely stunning with or without make up.

How to rock that stunning red Wet n Wild lipstick

Red lipstick is one of the most gorgeous, iconic, and stunning looking lip color a woman could ever rock. With this simple shade, you can instantly look daring, sexy, and classy at the same time. Here are great ways on how you can rock a stunning red Wet n Wild lipstick:

  • Red matte lips had always been a coveted look for many women out there. To keep your lips from drying, you can exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush and apply eye cream before you wear your red Wet n Wild matte lipstick.
  • If you want matte lips but not the commitment, you can sport cream lipstick such as the Wet n Wild Fergie creme lipstick. It will give you gel-like, elegant lips without drying it out!
  • Red lips doesn’t always have to be sexy. You can look cute, simple, and delicate by ditching the lip liner. What you need to do is dot color on your lips and blend it outward.
  • For days that you want to feel like Taylor swift, rocking that smooth, shiny red lips, you can use Wet n Wild mega slick lip gloss to achieve that look.

Wet n Wild lipstick gives you full luscious lips with 400 existing colors available and more every year! What makes them so amazing is their cost-effective cosmetics solutions, making beauty available to all women who want to look and feel good. If you want more lipstick brands, you can check out MAC lipsticks, Lancome Lipsticks, Maybelline lipsticks, Revlon lipsticks and more!

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