Wiko has a wide range of smartphones, designed for every modern user. If you’re in the market for one, click here to check Wiko’s wide array of products. You can also check their latest products below.


The Different Types of Wiko Products You Should Know About

Most often than not, expensive flagship phones aren’t as relevant as we thought they would be for our everyday needs. Having the latest smartphones from well-renowned brands may make our smartphone experience a lot better, but so can inexpensive but equally efficient ones. Wiko has a wide array of phones and tablets in Philippines that wield great specs despite their low price.

Wiko’s basic android phones

Wiko’s range of basic smartphones is nothing short of awesome. Despite falling into this category, the basic phones from Wiko still packs a lot of punch and fun!

Sunny 2

This is a cute looking and compact smartphone from Wiko. It is styled to impress its users with its vibrant design and colors. Despite being one of the most affordable models in the pack, it boasts a premium looking exterior with its brushed metal finish. It’s ultra-portable, boasting a 4” display, but it packs a lot of punch 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor.

Jerry 2

An exterior that is vibrant and at the same time elegant, featuring a metal back cover to give you that premium feel. It has a bright display that will make reading and viewing easy from any angle, coupled with a 5MP camera that is more than qualified to accomplish basic photography needs. This phone is basically all that everything that you need from a smartphone, without having to cost stretch your budget immensely.

For Photography enthusiasts

Camera hobbyists also have their own line of smartphones from Wiko. Whether you’re after a phone that could shoot crisp HD videos or a camera that could make you shoot like a pro, you’ll be surprised to find a phone that could do that for just a dime dozen.


At first look, it’s surprisingly good-looking! It pretty much has that Huawei P10 vibe but doesn’t carry the same price tag. Its camera is the main attraction for this phone, boasting a two 13MP sensor at the back with optical image stabilization (OIS), while on the front camera it boasts the same sensor minus the IOS but coupled with a selfie flash. The cameras of this phone are co-engineered by industry experts thus promising stunning images under any conditions. On top of that, this phone can record 4K video at 30 frames per second.

WIM Lite

This is a least expensive version of the WIM. It carries a single 13MP camera but boasts a 16MP selfie shooter. It cuts its video recording quality down to FullHD from 4K, it’s a non-issue though because Full HD is the industry standard today when it comes to video recording. Despite that, the image stabilization remained to minimize shaky looking photos and videos. These alone are enough to provide an outstanding smartphone photography experience.

For Multimedia hoarders

Battery, big screen, and storage space are essential for people who live their music, video, and apps. Wiko does not fall short when it comes to providing you the devices for those hobbies.


This phone focuses on enhancing multimedia experience of smartphone users. It comes with a full entertainment package, which includes all the multimedia basics such as a top-notch camera, a vibrant wide HD display, 32GB storage space, and 3GB of RAM. It’s brushed metal finish that comes in 4 stylish shades is all set for sophistication. This phone packs all the multimedia feature that you need, but only 10x better!

Jerry MAX

A basic phone that’s loaded with a lot of juice, it can get you by two days with just a single charge. Its battery is a hefty 4900 mAh – one of the highest battery capacities in the market right now. A smarter way to save power, you’ll benefit from battery optimisation along with the battery widget. With a 5-inch IPS screen and 2.5D curved display make it easy for its users to see through the display even under direct sunlight. With its impressive screen and stellar battery life, your multimedia experience with this phone will surely be seamless.

For Power Players

If you’re a hardcore mobile gamer or you need your productivity fix all at once in your smartphone, all you could ever need are these phones from Wiko:


This phone is a real all-rounder basing on its credentials. It runs on 4G, its 3GB RAM and 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor makes it a smooth multitasker. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with a very responsive and immersive 5-inch HD screen IPS technology. For a quick photography fix, you can easily rely on its 13MP camera! All these features with just a shoestring price tag can keep your productivity going all day long.

Ufeel Go

First and foremost, this phone boasts a very premium looking finish, with its metallic back and 2.5D curved display. Holding and navigating this phone will be a pleasurable experience. Its performance is nothing short of awesome as it will provide you a seamless smartphone experience all thanks to its 1.3 Quad-core Cortex A53 processor with 3GB RAM. Its FullHD screen coupled with its 5-inch display will make productivity on the go a lot easier, as well as gaming a lot more immersive. If you’re in the market for some budget smartphone that could dish out a lot of performance, this is the best phone for you.

Wiko has now released a long list of new smartphones which can easily outmatch even the big players in the smartphone scene. This brand, as their motto goes, is indeed a game-changer. It makes premium devices easily affordable for everyone. Who says you need to stretch your budget for an outstanding phone?