Wilson Malaysia is one of the biggest sporting goods company known for its top quality items for all your sporting good needs. Being the official ball for the NFL, Wilson is definitely a must-have for many sports fans. Take a quick look at available Wilson items online below or click here to know more about Wilson Malaysia.


Dare to Play with Wilson Philippines

If you are wondering where the name “Wilson” from Castaway starring Tom Hanks came from, it is because the volleyball used in the film was from Wilson Sporting Goods or most commonly known as Wilson. Perhaps one of the biggest sporting goods company today, Wilson is dedicated to providing the best sporting goods and equipment to a myriad of sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, football, volleyball, racket sports, and even basketball.

About Wilson Philippines

Wilson is perhaps one of the most renowned sporting goods company around the world. They are the brand behind the biggest names in sports such as Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Padraig Harrington, and Derek Rose. The company was first established in 1913 and was named as Ashland Manufacturing company where it produced tennis racquets, basketball shoes, surgical sutures, violin and racquet strings from animal byproducts. Two years later, Thomas E. Wilson took over the company and renamed it as Thomas E. Wilson company where it acquired knitting mills to produce athletic uniforms and caddie bags for golf. After several name changes, it wasn’t until in 1931 when the company finally came up with Wilson Sporting Goods

Today, Wilson’s presence is felt globally, sponsoring several teams, and hundreds of athletes from different disciplines. Striving to be the best sporting goods brand, Wilson collaborates with athletes to improve on design, and structure of their products to benefit the user. Material technology also plays a great role in further improving their products, making them stronger, durable, and performance boosting to enhance your performance in and out of the court.

Exhilirating sports that you can play with Wilson

When it comes to manufacturing sporting goods, nothing beats Wilson Malaysia. For more than 100 years, the brand has been in the business, creating durable and top quality products from various materials. Since their venture into the sporting goods business during the 1920s, countless professional athletes has been consulted to collaborate with a myriad of products that would improve a player’s performance.

Racquet sports

From tennis, badminton, squash to racquetball, Wilson has everything you need such as racquets, balls, strings, grips, frames, shoes, and even accessories. Designed for all types of players, you can choose from different types of racquets in every discipline. Whether you are a defensive, offensive, all-courter, or simply looking for a beginner racquet for exercise and recreation, racquet sports with Wilson is simply energizing.


Being the official ball of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and FIBA, Wilson is a choice of champions. Wilson’s basketball line has tons of different products that would enhance your basketball experience, whether you are a professional or simply loving the sport as a way to exercise. The brand boasts its wide array of basketball bags, basketballs, custom uniforms and so much more!


A sport that requires accuracy and technique, Wilson gives you the chance to improve yourself as a golfer. You can choose from the brand’s wide array of golf clubs from irons, drivers, hybrids, putters, and even a complete set to kick off on your golfing hobbies. Aside from that, premium quality cart and carry bags, and balls are also available from Wilson. A choice for professional golfers like Kevin Streelman, Marcel Siem, Padraig Harrington, Paul Lawrie, and Ricky Barnes, Wilson takes you to a new level of play in the field.

American Football

Perhaps one of the most popular sports in the United States, American football is a test of strength, stamina, flexibility, and strategy. Since 1941, Wilson has been the official ball of the NFL with more than 75 years and 50 Superbowls on their name, Wilson is dedicated to providing the best for all football players from protective gear, gloves, mouthguards, footballs and accessories, all handcrafted in the US. Get your game on and get ready to get down and dirty with Wilson Football!


From beach volley to the hard court, Volleyball is a recreational team sport that relies on a player’s stamina, and flexibility. It is perhaps one of the most well-known sport from the brand because of the movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks and his trusty volleyball companion Wilson. Professional volleyball players such as Keri Walsh, April Rose, Cayley Thurby, Jake Gibb, and Sean Rosenthal, all choose Wilson.

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Aside from that, Wilson Malaysia also has products for fastpitch softball, baseball, and pickleball, that would suit the type of player you are. When it comes to sports and sports equipment, choose Wilson’s exciting array of products. From racquet sports, volleyball, golf, football, and basketball, you can excel at your own game with Wilson Malaysia! Check out their wide array of products here.