Enjoy memories of your favorite girls from Winx Club by getting the exclusive dolls, playsets, and others. Furthermore, there are lots of Winx Club products that you should collect as a true Winx Club fan. Read more about Winx Club Philippines below to find out.


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Winx Club Stella Sparkling Wings

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Best Winx Club Products that Every Winx Club Fan Must Collect

As one of the most successful shows in the history of cartoon shows, Winx Club is certainly unique in all aspects. Despite coming from a magical girl genre, it is able to make itself to be starkly different than the famous Sailor Moon and other similar shows. As a matter of fact, Winx Club has been very successful when it comes to developing its own universe and the characters in it. Unsurprisingly, the wonderful Winx Club show also attracts viewers from around the world, regardless of genders.

Due to its popularity, Winx Club spawns tons of products that are widely sold in most stores. In fact, you can even find Winx Club stationery as well. However, it can be very difficult for you to get started since there are too many of them. Thankfully, you now can go through this list so that you can buy and collect these must-have Winx Club products in your growing Winx Club collection. Hence, these are the best Winx Club products that every Winx Club fan must collect.

Winx Club 11.5" Everyday Collection Dolls

The Winx Club consists of six fashion-forward best friends who attend the Alfea College, the finest fairy school in all realms. This Winx Club 11.5" Everyday collection dolls give you the Winx Club girls who are dressed in fashions that you have seen on the show. In other words, they are perfect for you to recreate your favorite scenes from the show. Amazingly, these Winx Club dolls also include a lovely Winx "X" on their backs. The X is necessary for their transformation from girl to fairy. There are six Winx CLub members that you can collect: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, and Aisha.

Most importantly, these Winx Club dolls offer 7 points of articulations and this means that you can always pose them in any dynamic poses that you desire. Not only that, you are able to move them around smoothly and easily at the same time. Amazingly, the details and colors on each Winx Doll are really accurate and gorgeous. You can definitely expect a high level of craftsmanship in these lovely Winx Club dolls. While there are brush and other small accessories that come together with the doll, you have to buy wings separately.

Winx Club 11.5" Accessories

The Winx Club 11.5" accessories give you the extra tools to complement your already pretty Winx Club dolls. Basically, the Zoomix Accessory Pack allows any Winx Club fan to be part of the magical fairy action. With this fabulous pack, you can always add Zoomix wings to any Winx Club fashion dolls and transform your beautiful doll from a girl to the legendary Winx Club fairy. Moreover, you can also complete the entire look of your Winx Club doll with the trendy shoes, purse, and unique headband that are included in this Zoomix Accessory Pack.

Winx Club 11.5" Playset

In order to recreate certain scenes from the show, you can always get one of these Winx Club 11.5" Playset. First, you have this Winx Vanity Set. In this fabulous set, you are going to help Bloom to get ready for one of her fabulous Winx concerts. This incredible set includes amazing accessories such as a robe, brush, hairdryer, makeup, and jewellery. Before you forget, you must make sure that all of your accessories must be stored in the drawer. Not just that, you can even find a place to hang her wings on the chair. Another great thing that comes together with this set is the sticker sheet of all the Specialists that you can put in the picture frame.

The other popular Winx Club playset that you should get is the Rock Concert Stage. Now, your little Rock Star can be part of the action with this Winx Club Rock Concert Stage. Experience the growing ecstasy and enthusiasm as you are one that controls the show. As you spin and glide your Bloom gracefully, hear the crowd roar cheerfully. Dancing to the beat of the Winx Club rock theme song, Bloom is dressed in her favorite rock concert fashion. Thanks to an incredible array of these rocking accessories, you have everything to put on the greatest Winx Club show ever. Some of these accessories include an electric guitar, headset, microphone, and travel tote.

Winx Club 3.75" Action Dolls

From this wonderful Winx Club 3.75" Action Dolls collection, you will get these highly articulated Winx Club dolls that you can display or play with confidence. Thanks to their 9 points of articulation, you will be able to enjoy endless possibility and playability as you seek to recreate some of the iconic scenes from the show. Furthermore, you can also use the included energy accessories and reenact their favorite superhero moment that you have been waiting to do. These Winx Club dolls also feature removable wings that you can use on all Winx Club dolls. With the ability to perform powerful actions and poses, the Winx Club 3.75" is a must-have collection for any Winx Club fans out there.

Winx Club Action Dolls Playset

It is an exciting moment to get the Winx Club Action Dolls Playset because you can now find the Fruitti Music Bar in it. Packed with tons of accessories, your epic adventure will never end because you also have five different areas to play. This incredible playset also includes the exclusive 3.75 inch Bloom figure.

When you place Bloom in the chamber, you can transform her from a girl to a fairy. Not just that, you can also take part in the action by shooting a Dragon Flame disc to knock over Icy. Besides, your Bloom can also perform on stage with the iconic Winx Club music. After spending an entire day of performing and fighting against evil, all Winx Club girls will certainly love to hang out at the Fruitti Music Bar and make delicious smoothies at the same time.