It’s easy to work your way towards fitness if you know what it takes to get there; Fitness trackers basically exist to give you just that! One of the leading brands that bridged health with technology seamlessly is Withings. For the most cutting edge health and fitness techs, this brand has it all for you. Know more about them right here!

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Withings Philippines brought technological revolution to health management and fitness. This company is one of the very few passionate groups that invested in developing technological solutions that could monitor health while seamlessly fit into the lifestyle of an average person. Health management accessories and lifestyle-centric devices are offerings from Withings. For the health conscious and wellness enthusiasts, their devices will definitely be a perfect match to the lifestyle that they lead.

Withings Philippines: A Technological Wellness Advocate

Withings is a brand that makes the most out of innovation, design, and technology. The company basically invents smart apps and accessories that seamlessly blends into any lifestyle, and could help you keep track of your wellness and have an objective outlook of what you have achieved and what you haven’t yet. With Withings products, it becomes easier to improve your day to day health and well-being and work further for your health long term.

Withings as a company aims to empower individuals in shaping every aspect of their health and achieve the general idea of a balanced lifestyle.

Why Withings Philippines?

  • Withings has a wide array of health management products that are stylish and innovative.
  • Technology in the Health and fitness sector is a niche that has not been fully explored by big tech companies of today. However, that’s where Withings has invested its research and development more.
  • One of the biggest brands in the niche.
  • Their tech innovations are beautifully integrated into their health and fitness products.
  • Accessories could easily match with any casual outfit.

Withings Philippines Famous Products

Withing’s products revolve around health management and lifestyle monitor which have a touch of modern day design.


A high-tech watch that’s styled for life and built for health. The Activité is a watch that can automatically track your activity 24/7. Activity tracking can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your daily routine. This watch automatically tracks the movement of its users via its Patented Connected Movement Technology and syncs that information into the app which comes with this device. This device’s main features are the following:

  • Auto-Adjust with Time Zone
  • Sleep detector
  • Silent Alarm – gentle vibrations
  • Health coach with Health Mate App
  • Activity Recognition

The phone app will show an in-depth metric of your day to day activity and will provide coaching on how to improve to benefit your health. This watch is as simple as it gets – no buttons and no obstructive decorations. This watch is simple but sophisticated because at first look you’ll never suspect it as something revolutionary.


Withings Go is a plain activity tracker that can be worn in various ways. This health tracker is a small, round, and flat device which looks a lot like a pocket watch. The Withings Go can be worn any way you want it because it comes with a wristband and a clip; wear it around your wrist like a watch, clip it to your belt, use it as a keychain, or simply put it in your pocket. This device’s features include:

  • Activity tracker – could track running and swimming sessions
  • Sweat proof and water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • It analyzes your sleep cycle and shows an in-depth
  • The Go app, when synchronized with the Go device, can read how much calories you’ve to burn basing on your activity that it was able to read.
  • Up to 8-months battery life.
  • Elink technology - a power saver technology that greatly conserves battery even and keeps the screen on vividly. It gives the screen a highly legible output even under direct sunlight.

Pulse O2

The Withings Pulse O2 is an advanced tracking device that could read your movement and activity every step of the way. Whatever your lifestyle or fitness level may be, the Pulse O2 can assist you in working better towards improving your health.

  • This device can capture every step you take, the distance you’ve walked, and slopes or elevation you’ve climbed, and the calories you’ve burned.
  • It can also monitor your sleep cycles when you hibernate.
  • It can measure your heart and blood oxygen level (O2 sat)

This health tracker device can also be worn in three different ways: strapped on your wrist like a watch, attached to your belt using the clip (accessory), or simply put it in your pocket. Either way, this health tracker will still be able to read the activities that you do.

Getting Serious with Fitness While Having Fun

Keeping track of your health need not get in the way with your daily routine. Work towards your fitness goal and know your progress every step of the way hassle free with Withings Philippines fitness trackers.