Having the right filters for your car is important to ensure the longevity of your car, increasing its life cycle and reducing servicing needs in the long run. Wix Philippines manufacturers top-quality filters for you to fix in your vehicle for it to perform optimally. Read more about the car filters provided by Wix Philippines below.


4 Different Types of Car Filters from Wix Philippines

Whether you are cruising across the countryside or braving traffic congestion, car filters are essential components that should not be neglected. Car filters ensure smooth operation for your car as they hinder potentially dangerous airborne particles and other impurities from entering the vehicle, protecting important components of the car and its occupants from harm. Hence, you should always ensure that these filters are well-maintained and replaced when necessary to extend your vehicle’s lifespan. Wix Philippines ensures that your vehicles are equipped sufficiently with the wide selection of top-grade filters that they offer.

There are typically 4 different types of filters present in your vehicle, each one having its own function. Vehicle filters are generally divided into engine air filters, cabin air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. Although they are quite self-explanatory from their names, it is still important to know what they do and how they work.

Engine Air Filters

The engine is arguably one of the most important internal components of a car. Engine air filters have a direct influence on the overall performance of your car, so they should not be taken for granted. are fixed to filter the air that enters the engine for combustion, getting rid of abrasive particles that might be present in the air such as dust, dirt, mud and sand. Engine air filters exist in different forms; they can be made from cotton, foam, or even paper. This results in a cleaner combustion process, ensuring that the engine is running right. The combustion process influences the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle. Improper combustion will lead to decreased fuel mileage and power.

The end life of engine filters depends heavily on the places where you usually drive. Naturally, if you drive in a highly polluted area with dusty roads, you will need to clean and replace them more often than if you drive in cleaner environments. To clean the filter, simply pull it out from a black box located near the engine and blow it lightly with an air hose to remove any accumulated debris. However, this is only a temporary solution; you should still keep note of when you should change your engine air filters. Although there is no specific time to change out the air filter, it is recommended to replace them once a year – more often if you drive in polluted environments regularly.

Wix Philippines provides two forms of engine air filters for consumers to choose from – panel and radial. WIX panel air filters are equipped with specialised pocket pleats in the media. The filter media has a urethane soft sealing gasket frame and if needed, can be supported by a mesh screen, which are both moulded in place with the filter element. WIX radial air filters feature a mesh screen on the internal and external walls, to offer extra element strength and media protection from backfire. Each filter is held together with plastisol that is heat-resistant.

Cabin Air Filters

Unlike the rest of the filters, cabin air filters primarily prioritise the safety of the vehicle’s occupants rather than its components. Cabin air filters work similarly to the engine air filters, capturing any harmful particles in the air to ensure that they do not enter the car and affect you. Air filters make the air cleaner which is vital to prevent triggering allergies and breathing difficulties. It is ideal to change cabin air filters at least once a year for them to function effectively.

Wix’s cabin air filters are a must-have for your car as they are now enhanced with their Microban antimicrobial technology. The addition of this technology enables the cabin air filters to not only prevent negative elements from entering the vehicles, but it also keeps cabin air fresh with lifetime product protection against bacteria, mould, and mildew.

Fuel Filters

A top-notch Wix Philippines fuel filter is essential to protect your fuel injection systems from contaminants that may be present in the fuel, enabling your engine to run smoothly and increase its fuel efficiency. Fuel filters are the only ones in the list that have different functions depending on whether your car is running on petrol or diesel. For petrol-powered cars, the filter removes impurities such as rust, dirt, scale, and water from the fuel before it enters the engine for combustion. If they are not removed, these contaminants can potentially plug injectors and carburetors, causing the engine to malfunction and deteriorate. For vehicles that use diesel fuel, fuel filters remove water from the fuel to hinder the metal components of the engine from corroding.

Wix Philippines offers two types of fuel filters – spin-on and cartridge type. Both these filters are engineered for long-lasting performance. Fuel filters do not have a definite replacement period, but they should be changed every time you bring in your automobiles for scheduled maintenance. Wix Philippines’ spin-on fuel filters have built-in gaskets which allows it to be replaced much easily.

Oil Filters

Oil filters play an indispensable role in maintaining the life of your engine. Normal engine wear is caused by the appearance of metal particles that accumulate and block the flow of components and end up in the lubricant. Oil filters are designed to remove these metal particles from the engine oil as they can severely damage your engine and its overall performance. Since the function of the engine oil is to cool off the engine and keep it running as effortlessly as possible, removing these metal impurities are essential. For oil filters, the rule of thumb is to change them every time you change your oil.

Wix Philippines provide two types of oil filters for your car, depending on the intensity of your driving. If you are a normal, everyday driver, then the Pro-Tec filter is the ideal choice for you. However, if you are a severe driver that is often stuck in heavy traffic and drive in a highly polluted environment, choose a Wix filter.