World Balance shoes has been serving active Filipinos ever since its inception in the 1980s. The brand's product collection includes World Balance basketball shoes, training shoes, running shoes, and more. Find out what else World Balance Philippines has to offer below.


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-9% World Balance Beach Break Men'S Sandals

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Paul Goring once said that, "Like a lifelong love, a truly great pair of shoes only gets better and better. A merely good pair doesn’t." It is indeed true as only a great pair of shoes can give you the satisfaction like no other can. After all, shoes have more to offer than just walk. It has to give you comfort that you can never resist and confidence that brings you to places that you would have never imagined going. So where can you get a pair of shoes that fits all these qualities? Well, it may sound too good to be true but yes, World Balance can give you what you want!

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We are now living in a world where we don’t have the advantage of wasting any minute of our life. It is a race where everyone wants to reach the finishing line first and in an attempt to do so, sometimes we lose the privilege of enjoying beautiful moments or having some time alone for ourselves. In the midst of a chaotic week, sometimes we don’t have much time to spare, even on buying a good pair of shoes. However you don’t have to worry much with the home delivery service that online stores offer!

World Balance Philippines Prices

World Balance has a wide range of shoe collections. It has Sports Active Collection targeting for sporting activities and Street Casual Collection for casual wear. World Balance which suits the needs of both men and women is an affordable yet stylish brand. The pricing ranges from ₱299.00 onwards.

About World Balance

World Balance founded in 1980 is a brand of active-lifestyle footwear. This brand manufactures not only shoes but also clothes and accessories for men, women and children. With the products that represent good quality, stylish designs and affordability, it is not surprising that World Balance has gained the trust and confidence of the Filipino consumers. This proves that with World Balance as your ultimate footwear, you would not only add style and beauty but also innovation to your life!

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Social media keeps us connected and it is also a great platform to expose an issue or a brand. Social media has the power of uniting us and help us to communicate with someone that is half across the world. This is precisely the reason why World Balance has used social media to maintain and strengthen its bond with its global consumers. Now you can just visit its official Facebook to learn more about the brand. In addition to that, you can also follow World Balance on Instagram and Twitter to get updated on the latest items and promotions!