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The value-packed mobile brand! Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing electronic brands in the world!Xiaomi only sells its products on its website so it getting a chance to purchase their latest devices is quite a task that requires timing. So for your ease of mind, just take a look at iprice's online sales gallery and get the product you want.

Enter the dragon - into mobile! Xiaomi Philippines

Xiaomi - literally translating into 'millet', small grains - was founded in China, back in 2010 by founder Lei Jun - who is now often referred to as the 'Chinese Steve Jobs', the company is also commonly called the Apple of China. They are both a software and hardware company producing low-cost and high-spec'd phones such as the famous Xiaomi Mi3, and developing the popular MiUI user-interface for their devices. Xiaomi Philippines is very well acknowledged for carrying out its unconventional business model, which has made several mobile companies try to follow in its steps by sticking to the direct business-to-consumer model via online stores/

Mission Impossible

The MI in Xiaomi isn't just a syllable that's part of the whole name, it is an acronym in itself meaning Mobile Internet. Not only that however, it also means Mission Impossible - the reason being is that when they launched, there were many obstacles and barriers that they felt was almost impossible to defy and to overcome But alas here they are years later being at the top of the many smartphone companies in China - a very big opposite of the meaning of their name, the millet.

Unconventional Business Methods

Foregoing conventional brick-and-mortar stores, Xiaomi conducts its business model by selling their devices through their online portal, where they deliver and sell straight to their customers, instead of relying through mediums such as distributors. Xiaomi also does away with the conventional advertising that many other companies utilize, such as media advertising - instead, Xiaomi opts for the traditional word-of-mouth, social media, and its fans to expand and spread the word for their products.

Utilizing unconventional methods like these has helped Xiaomi Philippines to lower their costs and are able to provide higher-end mobile devices for their customers at much lower prices. Even until today, they are still using their own website as a front for their business to sell.

And because of the great bang-for-buck value that Xiaomi's phones provide, the company is fast expanding into countries that are rising quickly in the tech industry and in the digital age - most especially in India where Xiaomi has claimed that they have already sold over 1 million smartphones since the last quarter of last year (2014).

Fan-based, customer-focused

One of Xiaomi's biggest assets is its fans. They have an active online community where they constantly keep in touch with their fans and provide based on the feedback from their fans and their customer base with its products.

Most especially with their customized user interface, the MiUI - Xiaomi Philippineshas fine tuned that user interface to match and suit the needs and demands of its fans and customers, every feature finely made and included for the convenience of everyone.

A Mi phone for every Me

Starting off with only a single phone, Xiaomi has now expanded their products to a variety of great value phones such as :

Xiaomi Mi3
5" IPS LCD capacitative touchscreen (1080x1920) with Gorilla Glass 3
Snapdragon 800 CPU & Adreno 330 GPU
16/64GB storage & 2GB RAM
13 megapixel rear camera & 2 megapixel front camera
3050 mAh battery capacity

Redmi Note
A Xiaomi mid-range phone
5.5" IPS LCD capacitative touchscreen (720 x 1280) with Gorilla Glass 3
Metdiatek MT6592 CPU & Mali-450MP4 GPU
8GB storage (microSD card expandable) & 2GB RAM
13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera
3200 mAh battery capacity

Xiaomi Redmi 1S
A Xiaomi entry-level phone
4.7" IPS LCD capacitative touchscreen (720 x 1280) with AGC Dragontrail Glass
Snapdragon 400 CPU & Adreno 305 GPU
8GB storage (microSD card expandable) & 1GB RAM
8 megapixel rear camera and 1.6 megapixel front camera
2000 mAh battery capacity

Xiaomi Mi Note
Xiaomi's latest flagship model with front and back glass build
5.7" IPS LCD capacitative touchscreen (1080 x 1920) with Gorilla Glass 3
Snapdragon 801 CPU & Adreno 330 GPU
16/64GB storage & 3GB RAM
13 megapixel rear camera and 4 megapixel front camera
3000 mAh battery capacity. It should be noted that their phones with the name 'Mi' in front is usually considered their flagship devices.

You can purchase Xiaomi Mobiles & Tablets here.

More than just phones

  • Even with so many phones and a tablet in their products for sale, Xiaomi has expanded its inventory to include many other products as well! We all know about their affordable and reliable power banks … but,
  • Did you know they have an action sports camera called the Yi Camera?
  • Did you know they make earphones and headphones, and bluetooth speakers?
  • We'll bet you didn’t know they even made a weighing scale and a water filter either!
  • Seriously, however - they do make those. You can get the Xiaomi Camera and Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker here.

Your favourite Xiaomi products out of stock in the official store?

Well, fear not! iprice's online shopping gallery is here to put the smile back on your face with a great selection of available Xiaomi products, from their great phones like Mi4 to their other products like the MiBand and the Mi Power Bank. Not to forget their Yi Action Camera and selection of bluetooth speakers too as well - and yes, we didn't forget their water filter and weighing scale! All of these with great discounts as well. Go ahead and browse our shopping gallery, we're welcoming you with arms wide open!

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