Without fashion, the world as I imagine would be just a monochromatic and dreary planet. Take a look around you, the youngsters in stomach-flashing crop-tops and dusty ripped jeans, the gentlemen in tailor made vests paired with a pair of funky colours khaki or the classy ladies dressing like in Marilyn Monroe’s era… The ebbs and flows of the fashion industry make our life so colourful and energetic. Understanding the essence of the fashion nature to a hair’s breadth, XOXO brand is every girl’s soul mate when it comes to feeding their Instagram with #ootd. The brand’s name itself is just as sweet as their treats to all the style nazis out there, scroll down for more hugs and kisses now!


More than a clothing label, XOXO is your soul sister!

XOXO is a common lingo for hugs and kisses, it carries a passionate feeling towards a person and that’s also the utmost desire of the brand: to infuse their strong affection for fashion into young girls and ladies with sexy and smart looks. The team behind XOXO always strives to deliver the “smart sexy” image as their embodiment.

XOXO brand is an America-based contemporary clothing label founded in 1991 by Greg Fiene. Through their journey of 24 years long, XOXO is now a million dollar company under the management of Global Brand Holdings and manufactured by its licensed company, Kellwood Co. Before that, Fiene sold XOXO to Aris Industries Inc for an enormous amount at $20 million dollar in 1999 and eventually gave XOXO his farewell 4 years later.

Despite going through several changes, the spirit of XOXO Philippines still remains the same until today. The brand always commits to designing affordable, stylish clothing and accessories that can reflect a person’s identity, mostly for female customers of all ages. Whether you are a high school girl, a sassy lady or an office woman, you will always be able to find your style with XOXO's wide range of trendy and unique designs. Flirty, chic but not less of smart and classy, you will be the envy of the fashionistas!

Be inspired to pull off your desired style with XOXO Philippines

Dressing stylishly is less about spending a fortune on branded clothes but more about finding your inspirations and think out of the box.

Need not to run around a mall to search for a piece of your favourite clothes and a matching set of accessories, XOXO have them all! Its goal is to provide the customers an endless ways of mix and match to discover their personal style. From apparel, fashion accessories to high quality footwear, handbags and watches, perfume, XOXO Philippines can help to complete your glamorous look in an effortless way.

XOXO's designs are those that off the runway yet the prices are totally friendly to your wallet. Don't be shy to play around with your choices of different style with all the lovely items that will surely freshen up your musty closet.

Become a more confident YOU today with XOXO's diverse fashion statement

The XOXO brand has a strong impact on today's fashion trends, especially an image of a "smart sexy" woman that they are trying to embody.

The core message behind this unconventional portrait is the high self-confidence in the women generation today. That she not only appreciates her feminist side but also stays smart and humble. Explore the world of strong and passionate XOXO's women through the collections of dresses, tops, skirts, durable and trendy boots, heels to casual and refined handbags, enticing lingerie, stylish watches, classical sunglasses, seductive fragrance and many more right here!

A rule of thumb when it comes to dressing up is to stay true to your unique self. Don't let the soulless piece of clothes define your personalities but instead, try to find the style that can reflect your identity in an appealing way. If you feel lost, don't be hesitate to head over to XOXO's inspiring blog to find out which fashion sense fits you the best.

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With hugs and kisses. XOXO

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