Yamaha motorcycle accessories are regarded for their usefulness and reliability, guaranteed to enhance your riding experience. Some of their best-selling products include side mirrors and motorcycle handlebars. Browse the latest motorcycle accessories, or find out more about Yamaha motorcycle accessories below.


Yamaha Mio FAQs: 2020 Guide to Mio Sporty Price, Availability, and More!

How much are motorcycle accessories and parts from Yamaha Philippines?

As of 2020, the prices of motorcycle accessories and parts from Yamaha Philippines range from ₱ 170.00 to ₱ 950.00. Yamaha motorcycle accessories and parts are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee.

Yamaha Motorcycle Accessories and Parts Price List Philippines 2020

Yamaha Motorcycle Accessories



Yamaha Side Mirrors (Stock)

₱ 180.00


Yamaha Winker For Yamaha Mio I 125 Red Arrow

₱ 250.00


Yamaha Mio I 125 Side Cover

₱ 450.00


Yamaha Mio Soul Front Handle Cowling

₱ 950.00


Yamaha Visor Wind Shield New Design Yamaha Mio

₱ 209.00


Yamaha Mio Soulty I125 Cover Front (Ygp)

₱ 530.00


Yamaha Aerox Eye Sticker (Per Set)

₱ 200.00


Yamaha Sniper 150 Cover Handle Bar 2 (Ygp)

₱ 200.00


Yamaha Oil Seal For Female Torque Drive For Mio (Pair)

₱ 200.00


Yamaha Aerox Cover Tail 2 (Ygp)

₱ 170.00


3 Essential Motorcycle Accessories from Yamaha Philippines

Bikers have style and a go-getter attitude that sets them apart from other motorists. They grab life by the balls and constantly live life on the edge. Riding can be immensely fun but at the same time uncomfortable when it comes to long distances. Fortunately, you can equip your bike with the best Yamaha motorcycle accessories. Here are some accessories that could make your bike ride more exciting and safer at the same time.

Bike Grips

Bike grips provide many advantages. First, it will offer sufficient leverage to steer your Yamaha motorcycle. It will allow you to position your hands properly. And lastly, it will provide a mounting platform for other accessories.

When it comes to choosing bike grips, it’s best to choose a pair that won’t affect tactile feedback which makes it hard to feel the bike’s throttle. Yamaha Philippines has an impressive range of motorcycle grips, some of which are made from Kevlar. This material is tough and enables the grip to be more durable to scratches and abrasions.

Another thing to consider is choosing a grip that offers high visibility when riding at night or during cloudy days. Bike grips with high visibility make your presence known to other motorists, thanks to their brightly-colored patterns.


Yamaha tachometers are devices that display the RPM (revolution per minute) made by the motorcycle engine’s rotational shaft. In layman’s term, it is an instrument that will show you the power generated by the engine. The higher the RPM, the more power generated by your motorbike.

Many motorcycles lack this essential accessory. If you don’t have one for your Yamaha motorcycle, you can choose from many types of tachometers in the market; some of the best ones you can find are from Yamaha Philippines. They have speedometers and a variety of gauges onboard. Apart from the size and color of the gauge, be sure to choose a tachometer that is compatible with your Yamaha motorcycle's features.

Riding Gear

Yamaha helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, and boots are essential things that motorcyclists should wear. Be sure to choose ones that will keep you protected from the elements. For helmets, apart from the design, it’s important to check if it’s the right size for you. Yamaha motorcycle gloves should keep your hands from abrasion. The same applies to jackets and pants, which should protect you from impact and abrasion. If you want a high-quality motorcycle jacket and pants, any quality gear by a reputable brand such as Yamaha Philippines would be a great choice.

Lastly, choose Yamaha motorcycle boots that will protect your feet from injuries. They should be comfortable and made from a rugged material that can withstand impact with your foot.

Aside from motorcycle accessories from Yamaha Philippines, check out these Yamaha motorcycle helmets and motorcycle lubricants.