With their vision to make superior imaging and computer vision technology easily accessible to everyone, YI produces affordable cameras and camera accessories to ensure that incredible photography quality is at your fingertips. Read more about the YI brand and its innovative products here.

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How to Enrich your Recording Experience with YI Cameras

You may not have heard of YI, but you most likely have heard of Xiaomi. From this esteemed tech company comes a series of cameras that have revolutionised the way we look at filming and recording video and photos. YI cameras are Xiaomi’s answer to its expensive competition of action cameras such as GoPro. For us in the Philippines, YI cameras are the perfect option to get started on recording all our adventures. Let’s look at how YI can enrich your recording experience.

Freezing Time with YI’s Action Cameras

Adrenaline junkies and avid adventurers live a life full of high-speed action. Whether they are jumping off cliffs or skiing down gigantic steep snow slopes at high-speed – they push their limits and seek new adventures to experience. To keep up with the extreme lifestyles, sports cameras are becoming increasingly popular, as to complement their high-speed lifestyles, they will need a high-performance camera to record these experiences to relive them again in the future.

One factor that might hinder buyers from purchasing these cameras is the high price tags that make them have second thoughts if these cameras are ultimately worth it. This is where YI steps in – producing high-quality action cameras that can keep up with all the speed and action, recording it all in high resolution, while at the same time being priced much more affordable compared to the other action cameras available in the market. Being able to provide the image quality to match the other action cameras at a market, at only a fraction of a price has made the YI action cameras a favourite among sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

YI’s action cameras are known for its power and performance. Equipped with a top-notch image processor, the YI action camera is capable of recording videos and photos at Ultra-HD resolutions; combined with the camera’s built-in advanced image stabilizers and noise reduction technology, the camera guarantees sublime image quality even when recording high-speed split-second actions.

Worried that your camera’s battery might run out of juice at the most critical and epic moment? Not to fret – the cameras also boast impressive battery life, enabling you to record up to 90 minutes of high-resolution footage without running out of power. Pretty useful, especially when you are outdoors without access to reliable electrical sources to recharge your battery.

Creating Lifetime Memories with YI’s Mirrorless Cameras

We are sure that you have heard of the phrase, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Maybe this is why we like to take photographs, as mementos to remind us of the happy times and enjoyable experiences with our loved ones. Photographs should last a lifetime to serve as a nostalgic reminder of our experiences, so they should be taken with high quality so that they will not deteriorate over time. YI is committed to producing cameras that are capable of capturing those life moments. Make your memorable moments even more unforgettable with YI’s mirrorless cameras as the image sensor on this camera delivers accurate colour reproduction for realistic-looking photos.

Monitor Your Home with YI’s Smart Home Cameras

Do you often need to be away from your home and is worried about what your children are doing or if they are safe? You will have nothing to worry about if you install YI’s smart home camera at home, as it helps you to monitor your home right from your smartphone! All you need to do is place your YI home camera anywhere in your home – preferably somewhere where you will have a better view of your home – and monitor the activities that happen at home all at your fingertips on your smartphone. Moreover, the camera also provides two-way audio and impressive image quality that enables you to interact with your family members remotely, even when you are on-the-go. With YI’s home cameras, home security is no longer an issue. The smart camera will even send you instantaneous activity alerts so that you can always keep abreast with all the activities happening at home. You could also use them as dash cameras on your car. YI cameras make the best car cameras thanks to their durability and clarity in shooting video even with vibrations and movements.

Innovative Camera Accessories to Complement Your Cameras

YI also produces camera accessories that add more versatility to how you can use your camera. YI is also known for its selfie sticks that enable you to take photos at angles that you might not be able to reach if you were taking photos with your bare hands. The length of the selfies sticks is also adjustable, letting you snap photos with different angles depending on where you think which side you look better on.

Now that you know more about YI and its awesome cameras in the Filipino market, it’s time to see for yourself the power and excitement. Check out the selection above and you too can get into the world of documenting your adventures.