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How to Get the Ideal Badminton Racquet with Yonex

Yonex racquet sportproducts are preferred by most professional players because they are designed to offer precise and powerful performance. However, you will have a hard time to decide whichYonexbadminton racquet suits you the most because there are too many of them. Here is how to get the ideal badminton racquet withYonex.

Check the Balance

All badminton racquets can be categorized based on their balance. In other words, it refers to where the weight of the racquet is largely located. It is divided into three distinct categories: Head-Light, Head-Heavy and Even-Balance. Head-Light racquets offer a lighter head because they have the mass shifted towards the handle. Head-Heavy racquets have a heavier head due to mass shifted towards the head. As for Even-Balance racquets, they enjoy even distribution of mass through the entire body.

Head-Light Racquets

The advantage of having a Head-Light racquet is that you can manipulate and swing it easily. Since the head and frame have less mass, you will be able to react quickly and decisively, especially when defending against opposing smashes. Using the same principle, you can also decide to finish off rallies with favorable results at the front of the court or playing shots at the net. Head-Light racquet is well-suited for badminton players who play doubles more than singles. Fordoubles,Head-Light racquet is well-suitedfor fast and attacking badminton playstyle. Ifyou are singlesplayer, Head-Light racquet is for those who have excellent technique and swing speed.

Head-Heavy Racquets

With extra mass in the head, Head-Heavy racquet ispopular among players who enjoy a powerful game from the back of the court. It offers powerful clears and smashes as you swing it. These types of shots are essential to badminton rallies. If you are one of those that prefers length clears consistently, Head-Heavy racquet is the perfect choice.

Even-Balance Racquets

As the middle ground between the Head-Heavy and Head-Light racquets, Even-Balance racquet offers the advantages of both racquet types. It usually gives you enough power from the back and sufficientmaneuverabilityat the front. Even-Balance racquet is suitable for those that are unsure about their playing styles. If you have no preference between playing at the back and net, Even-Balance racquet is an ideal choice. Nowadays, seasoned badminton players carry different racquets for different scenarios. It is highly recommended to get an Even-Balance racquetas it can help you develop an all-round game. An experiencedbadmintonplayer is more likely to get an Even-Balance racquet since it benefits him/her a lot, especially when it comes to executing certain advanced techniques.

String Tension

In order to test the tension of a racquet, you can press your palm against the strings and see how far it sinks. The ideal tension for mostbadminton players is 1mm sunken depth of the strings. You definitely need a higher tension for your racquet strings if you have a tendency to channel more force into your strokes. For beginners, 22 – 23lbsis a good tension to get started. Due to how temperature affects string tensions, tension standardsvaryfrom region to region. For people living in the tropics, you need higher tension because strings tend to expand in hotter places.

Shaft Flexibility

When buying a badminton racquet, shaft flexibility is important because it can affect your overall performance. The suitable level of flexibility forplayers largely dependson theirwrist/arm speed.Theslower and smoother your wrist/arm speed, the more likely you are to benefit from a more flexible shaft.A racquet with aflexibleshaft will benefit beginners.If you are a seasoned player, racquet with a stiffer shaft will beappropriatebecause they can accommodateyouradvanced techniques. A stiffer shaft enables you to perform better withquicker and more explosive wrist/arm speed. You should buy a medium or medium-stiff flex badminton racquet if you are still unsure how much flex you need.

Types of Badminton Grips

Regarding badminton grips, they are either towel grips or synthetic grips. Towel grips are softer and good for absorbing sweat. This makes them easier to accumulating germs and bacteria. For this reason alone, they require frequent replacement. Synthetic grips are slick and less messy. However, they can be uncomfortable because they have poor sweat absorption ability.

Size of Badminton Grips

Mostracquetgrips come in four different sizes. Those who prefer a tighter feel to generate more power will favor bigger grips. As for smaller grips, they are ideal for players who employ the use of deception in their games because they allow for bettermaneuverability.