Do you know how and when your air conditioner requires servicing? Or what if all your York air conditioner needs is a thorough cleaning service? Read more about it with York Philippines here!

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How to tell if Your YORK Air Conditioner Requires A Tune Up?

When conducting a spring clean, it is often that air conditioning units are left untouched. At most, cupboards, drawers, and cabinets get a thorough wipe-down. Due to that, air conditioners are often taken for granted. We assume that as long as it’s blowing cold air, it’s all good. However, regular cleaning and tune-ups are actually necessary to keep your air conditioner working in its tip-top condition. Read more below to find out if your air conditioning system needs a tune up!

  • When the air flow coming out of it is somewhat lacking. If you happened to notice that less air is coming out of your air conditioner, it could mean that the filters are clogged up and would require either tuning or cleaning.
  • When there is a sudden surge in your electricity bill. If you noticed a random and sudden increase in your electricity bill despite the same usage, it could be that your air conditioning system that is causing it.
  • When your air conditioning unit gives out a strange smell when turned on. The filters inside the unit are meant to filter dust and microbes and when these are not cleaned, it could result in clogged up filters that can collect moisture eventually leading to mold growth.
  • When your air conditioner is noisy. When there is an obnoxiously loud banging and clanking noise whenever you switch it on, it is important to get it checked immediately.
  • When the air coming out is not cool. There are several factors that can cause non-standard temperature so it is important to get it cleaned first. If the problem persists, it could be that your air conditioning unit has ran out of coolant.
  • When there is no air coming out of the unit. Well, obviously if there’s no air coming out, get it checked! It could be caused by clogged filters or a spoilt fan.
  • When you notice moister build up around your air conditioner. When you notice an obvious moisture build up on the wall, get an expert to check. It could be caused by a refrigerant or pipe leak.
  • When you have not had your air conditioner checked for over a year. To keep your unit working optimally, it is important to service it regularly (once a year would suffice). If left for too long, a small problem can lead to a much bigger issue. Which, could cost a lot more to fix or in the worst case scenario, could even require a replacement.

How to Clean Your York Air-Conditioning Units?

There could be a time when your York air-conditioner either stop producing cold air or gives out less air. When this happens, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that your unit is low on refrigerant or requires replacing. Sometimes, a simple cleaning session could do the trick. Evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fans can get clogged resulting in this problem. While opting for a professional cleaning service could be more convenient, they can cost up to a few hundred ringgit. So, instead of picking up your phone to call for help, you can easily deal with the problem with materials that cost a fraction of that price.

Before jumping into dismantling your air conditioner, always check for the manufacturer’s instructions. A complete detailed guide is usually included with a step-by-step process of cleaning the air filters and other maintainable parts. If you misplaced or have apparently tossed the manual away, try looking for a copy on the manufacturer’s website. It is also important to make sure the unit is switched off before attempting on doing anything to it.

To start, remove the plastic cover. This usually snaps off but be careful not to break it with excessive force. Then, carefully remove all the filters. Make sure that when you handle the filters, the dust and grime doesn’t transfer to the air or dirties your area. It is actually recommended by most air conditioner manufacturers to clean the filters every few weeks but bear in mind that this all come down to your usage. Try cleaning more regularly if you’re a frequent user of air conditioning.

If your problem is a sudden hike in the electricity bill, a clogged filter is more likely to be the cause of it. The more clogged it I, the more energy is required by the unit to push air through. Thus, resulting in higher running costs. Apart from the main filters in the indoor unit, there might be an additional air purification filter. Clean the air purification filters regularly, but also not that they might need to be replaced every other year.

If your filters are dusty, you can either bring your filters outside to brush the dust off or give them a few good shakes to do the trick. Another option is by using a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to clean it more thoroughly. If the filters are excessively dirty and grimy, wash your filters with warm water and mild detergent before rinsing them clean. Always make sure your filters are dried properly before putting them back into the air conditioning unit.

YORK Philippines: For All Your Cooling Needs

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