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Does Zalora Philippines sell authentic? | How do I contact Zalora Philippines? | Is Zalora a startup?


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Zalora Philippines - 3 Celebrity Style Icons to Look Up to For Fashion Inspiration

When creating an #OOTD, it pays to have inspiration. Whether it's your favorite artist or even an emotion, a fashion inspiration can set you apart from the rest. Here are several celebrity fashion icons that you can look up to for fashion inspiration when putting together an outfit from Zalora Philippines:


Proving that style is more than just the clothes that you wear, this pop superstar from Barbados is a fashion icon in her own right. Rihanna rocks her outfit with confidence whether on the street or the red carpet. She is not afraid to flaunt her curves and if anybody calls her out for it, she just doesn't care; it looks good and that's what matters.

Kendall Jenner

Following the footsteps of her sisters in fashion, Kendall Jenner has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Starting her career as a model in 2009, then 14-year-old Kendall joined Wilhelmina models where she became the face of Forever 21 and got featured in Teen Vogue. She reached the epitome of her career when she became a Victoria Secret Angel in 2015. Kendall Jenner has a unique style described as California girl fashion meets fancy New Yorker. Jeans are a staple of her wardrobe whether skinny, mom or ripped jeans.

Lupita Nyong'o

Becoming the first African actress to ever win an Oscar, Lupita Nyong-o is a beautiful, talented, and smart young woman. Her elegance is seen through the clothes that she wears, donning dresses that accentuate her strong shoulders. Her beautiful dark velvet skin goes pretty well with her choice of color going from monochromatic to jewel tones. Floral motifs and geometric patterns are a standard for her outfits.

Zalora FAQs

Does Zalora sell authentic?

ZALORA Philippines strictly prohibits the buying and selling of counterfeit products. They strive to ensure that all products sold on their platform are authentic and sourced directly from reputable suppliers.

How do I contact Zalora Philippines?

Although there’s no Zalora contact number, you can reach out to Zalora online customer service team via live chat on Zalora Philippines if you have inquiries. You may follow up at your convenience since they operate from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Is Zalora a startup?

Zalora Philippines started as a fashion startup and eventually matured into a business with 26 million users across six countries in South East Asia and nearby regions was not an easy process.

Is Zalora authentic?

ZALORA Philippines sells authentic products. They are a legit fashion online retailer that holds a very high standard and process in making sure that all brands including both local and international brands from shoes, clothing, accessories to beauty products, etc are 100% authentic.

How do I order from Zalora Philippines?

First time shopping with Zalora? Select your preferred platform below and follow the simple steps to place your order below.

Mobile App & Desktop
  1. Select items: After spotting an item you like, select your size and color (if available). Proceed by clicking “Add to Bag” to store the item in your bag.
  2. Review items in bag: If you’ve changed your mind about an item and want to remove it, go to your cart and click “x” to the left of the item.
  3. Checkout: Once you’re happy with items in your bag, click “Go to Checkout.” Input a voucher code (if you have one), your delivery option and address, and your payment method.
  4. Confirm order: All set? After reviewing your order, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “Order Now” to submit your order! You should receive an e-mail confirming your order within a couple of hours. Zalora will get in tough again after a day or two when your package is out for delivery. Use the Order Number in the confirmation e-mail to track your order.

Who is the owner of Zalora Philippines?

Paula Campos is the co-founder and CEO of Zalora Philippines, having founded the company in late-2011 after seeing the opportunity to take advantage of the emerging e-commerce industry in the country.