Zara Philippines offers some of the best clothing for women and men in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Zara clothing, shoes, perfume, and bags are sought after for their durability, simplicity, and comfort. Browse the latest apparel from Zara Philippines or find out more about Zara below.


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Top Zara Price List 2020

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-9% Zara Midwaist Skinny Jeans(Overrun)

Available in Shopee ₱ 500.00 ₱ 550.00 Go to Shop

News about Zara

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Summer is right around the corner; it's time to get out of the sun and enjoy the abundance of vitamin D. This time of year is also your chance to show off your chic, trendy, and versatile summer footwear.

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You love your boyfriend, but you can’t stand the way he dresses. Thus, the best way to show your love for him is to give him a fashion makeover.

Zara PH FAQs: Price, Availability, and More!

What is Zara’s special price?

On Zara Philippines’ website, there’s a section called “Special Prices” where you can choose items at discounted prices. To find “Special Prices”, check the bottom options of “Women” and “Men” sections.

How much is Zara apparel in the Philippines?

As of August 2020, the price of Zara apparel in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 400.00 to ₱ 2,060.78. Zara apparel is available on leading e-marketplaces like Shopee and Vestiaire Collective.

Zara PH Online Price List Philippines - August 2020

Zara Apparel



Zara Minimalist Mini Tote Bag

₱ 780.00


Zara Man Central Tape Plimsolls 41

₱ 1,200.00


Zara Samsonite Backpack Grape Red, Blue, Black, Men'S Backpack,

₱ 400.00


Zara Home Pink-White Fruity Print Comforter

₱ 999.00


Zara Authentic Quality

₱ 799.00


Zara Leather Tote Bag

₱ 850.00


Zara Clutch Bag/ Envelope Bag

₱ 599.00


Zara Black Leather Clutch bag for Women

₱ 2,060.78

Vestiaire Collective

Zara Everyday Black Backpack

₱ 1,500.00


Zara Turnlock Carry All Tote *Actual Pics*

₱ 580.00


When will the Zara sale start?

ZARA Online PH Sales 2020

  • January 1 - Zara New Years Day sales
  • April 10 - Zara Good Friday sales
  • April 13 - Zara Easter Monday sales
  • November 27 - Zara Black Friday sales
  • December 26 - Zara Boxing Day sales

How do I order online from Zara?

To order Zara clothes and pants online, you need to buy from trusted preloved websites like Sharewardrobe, where you can buy genuine & quality-checked Zara clothes and bags from their website. Zara does not sell directly through its website and nor has it partnered with any online portal.

Does Zara have online shopping?

Spanish clothing retailer, Zara, launched online retail stores in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the UK. The company has sold a home range online, but its revamped website offers fashion lines that have only been available in its stores until now.

Everything you need to know about Zara Philippines

Even after many decades, you would learn that Zara has not changed much, neither has its boutique system. Typically, retail will have a far more restrained consumption, but not for Zara. Due to its fashion-forward styles as well as cool staples and statement pieces, every fashionista does not hesitate to flock to Zara. Here's everything you need to know about the world's largest apparel retailer.

How Zara got its name

Zara has become an iconic household name in the fashion industry. In opening their first store in A Coruna in 1975, their original plan was to name it Zorba, after Zorba the Greek, their favorite film. However, because there was already a bar called Zorba nearby and to avoid confusion, they decided to change names. This last-minute change was created from tweaking the letters in Zobra, hence the name Zara. This goes to show that not all accidents are bad because Zara is now a brand known around the world with over 2000 stores across 88 countries.

800 million items of clothing are produced per year

The number is equivalent to approximately 10% of the entire world's population. Nonetheless, not all of Zara's pieces are factory-made. This is because; delicate stitching or unique details such as embroidery on a jacket are still sewn by hand. Since the brand produces 30,000 new designs a year which comes to about 26,000 pieces of clothing design, it combines small production runs with large volumes of designs. This means that it guarantees interest and appeal to one consumer or another. So if one design is not your cup of tea, the latter might.

No wastage ethic

Considering that Zara is the world's largest fashion retailer, they have the lowest wastage compared to any other major fashion labels. Research has suggested that clothing companies tend to discard or destroy roughly 10 to 20% of their products. However, Zara's wastage stands at only 1%. It is obvious that not every product will sell as well, but for the 1% stock that is left, it will be donated to charity.

Limited stocks

As of 2020, there are 2,259 Zara stores all over the world, with more stores to open particularly in the North Asian region. Each design only has a small number of 25,000 being produced which means that each store gets a limited amount of products. So if the retail workers tell you that a clothing item is not available, chances are that it is really not available.

Data is taken seriously

Zara places importance on data first before everything else. At the headquarters of Zara in Spain, there are huge rows of computer terminals. Analysts will take a look at information from each and every store globally that usually comprises details based on the products that sold well and which did not as well as the general interest of consumers. After that, the information will be delivered to designers which will be interpreted in their designs.

Every item is tested

Testing is important for quality control but that is not the main purpose Zara has. From store layouts to clothing designs, everything is tested internally to see which is favored. After that, the product is only actually made. The testing includes store managers, designers and lead designers, marketing, and any other relevant department.

Efficient production

The main reason for the minimum wastage is that Zara cuts their cloth themselves. In order to ensure the best use of material, the raw material comes to the headquarters and is then patterned and cut. Most of the materials come from either Spain or other surrounding countries and finally put together. After that, it goes back to Zara for handwork, quality control, RFID tagging, and packing.

Mind-blowing logistics

The purchasing processing organization chart is pretty impressive at Zara. Whatever Zara stores from anywhere in the world want to acquire, it will immediately get sent into a central server. This will then sort the data and put across the logistics within just two hours. Later on, the logistics department sees what it has in stocks and then packs them accordingly. The products are usually not sorted by country but earmarked for specific stores across the world. The sorting is done with a specialized conveyor system.

Traditional is Zara's first name

A lot of things are still done traditionally around Zara. For example, sampling is still handmade with the help of a designer and a pattern cutter working together in small groups.

Zara Philippines: Everything You Need to Know about Zara Tote Bags

Casual Tote Bags

Made for the average girl/guy next door for their casual day out with friends, lunch dates, and even for those who are out looking for something to munch on. Zara tote bags are spacious enough to keep all your necessities and simple enough for your casual ensemble. These Zara bags are usually available in a myriad of colors, illustrations, and quirky designs.

Beach Tote Bags

Zara beach tote bags are perfect for beach getaways. They are large, spacious, and can withstand the blazing heat and sand. They usually have simple designs, with lines or polka-dots in bright, vibrant hues. Their spacious interiors (without any compartments) mean that you can put as many things in them including sunglasses, towels, sunscreens, inflatable beach ball, and toilet accessories.

Luxury Tote Bags

Luxury tote bags from Zara Philippines are made from genuine leather. They usually have embellishments, buckles, tassels, and various compartments that make them even more special. They have some of the best luxury tote bags for all occasions including formal settings, work, and weddings.

If you like what Zara in the Philippines has to offer, you can also get products from other popular brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Romwe, and Salvatore Ferragamo.