Thanks to its iconic Zippo lighters, Zippo continues to lead the world of lighters. Read more about Zippo Philippines here.

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Light 'Em Up With Zippo Philippines

The ubiquitous lighter is generally seen as a pure utilitarian item. Like the Transformers themselves, there is more than meets the eyes as lighters are awesome accessories that you should get, even if you are not burning stuff around. Thank to Zippo, people actually see its lighters to be entirely different kind of products.

As far as 1932, Zippo has been keeping the flame alive as its unique lighters are still popular around the world. In fact, Zippo lighters are so popular that a lot of people are still getting them despite not using them to light candles, cigarettes or others. Even until now, owning a Zippo lighter is more than just owning a practical item since Zippo lighters make boldest statement through their way of igniting.

About Zippo : Icon Of Blazing Glory

While we often hear so much about the statement, "necessity is the mother of invention", it is still pretty amazing to read about how an invention came into being, especially when we are talking the legendary Zippo brand itself. Its origin story is as vivid as the fiery flame from Zippo lighter.

In the early 1930s, George G. Blaisdell saw his friend using an Austrian made lighter awkwardly as it proved to be cumbersome. Despite its look, that lighter did work well although it was windy. Such feat was possible due to its chimney design. However, its appearance was too utilitarian or just plain. In addition, its thin metal surface also dented easily. Not only that, you could only use it with two hands.

Still, that Austrian made lighter was able to make a deep impression on George who was clearly inspired by it. In the fall of 1932, George eventually spent time and effort in fabricating its own lighter design. As a result, it was a rectangular case which had its hinge on its top. While still utilizing the similar chimney design, the new lighter was simple to use while look great at the same time.

In that same year, he then founded Zippo Manufacturing Company. As he enjoyed the sound of the word, "zipper", he made up a number of variations that was based on that word. In the end, he decided that he preferred Zippo since it possessed that modern-sounding vibe while having more punch.

The first Zippo lighter was completed in 1933. Being sold for $1.95 each, the sale of Zippo lighters proved to be a great success as a lot of people were buying them. After seeing such enthusiasm for his lighters, he began to reevaluate the potential of his lighters. Once he saw the future of its lighters, he then applied for patent for his Zippo patent on 17 May 1934 and received his patent in two years' time.

In 1937, Zippo released its Sport series which was actually sport themed Zippo lighters. Interestingly, the number of its first model was 275 and this same number was selected to determine its price, $2.75. The Zippo Sport series comprised of Golfer, Fisherman, Hunter, Bulldog, Greyhound and Elephant. The following year saw the release of the amazing No. 10 Zippo Tall Table Lighter, the first Zippo table lighter.

After the Second World War, Zippo lighters continued to be more popular as you could find them in every advertisements by both small and large companies alike. Owing to its high level of popularity, Zippo lighters were featured in more than 1500 movies, television shoes and even stage plays. Even in the Vietnam War, the American military still used them and were fond of engraving them with personal motto. To this day, Zippo lighters still remain as the proud American icon of blazing glory.

Why Zippo Is Your Best Choice

There are just many reasons for you to own a Zippo lighter even if you are not a pyromaniac. Zippo has been committed in spending time and effort in making that every detail of its products should boast premium quality. Since its founding, Zippo believes in the value of making everything as good as possible. From the carefully prepared lighter fluid to the beautifully crafted lighter body, every detail is well taken care of. No matter how sharp or subtle the detail is, Zippo always makes sure that it is still line with its highest standard of craftsmanship.

Just as Zippo is famous with its windproof lighters, so too its lighters remain popular with soldiers, backpackers, adventurers and survival enthusiasts. Despite still using the same mechanism since its early days, Zippo lighters remain unaffected by the latest advances in science and technology. Boasting the essential qualities of reliability and durability, Zippo lighters are not just lighters with "pretty face". In fact, Zippo is proud of this slogan, "Always work or we fix it free". Such is the lifetime guarantee by Zippo. Merging functionality, fun and fashion into its products especially the lighters, Zippo purposefully covers all spectrums of its product design so that its customers can enjoy them fully.

During the Second World War, the famous Zippo Black Crackle lighter that was widely used by the American military was actually manufactured from just a secondary grade steel. Due to war effort, Zippo Black Crackle lighter was just steel case with black crackle finish since there was shortage of brass. Thanks to its durability, Zippo lighters are so popular with the military that General Eisenhower wrote a letter to George to tell him that, "It's the only lighter I've got that will light at all times."

Legendary Zippo Products That Still Keep The Flame Alive

Zippo lighters are iconic since they are usually beautifully crafted designs that are still highly collectible items to this day. Despite myriad of awesome Zippo lighter designs that are available, these are the legendary Zippo products that still keep the fire burning:

Zippo Hand Warmer
Boasting a compact design, you can slip it easily into your pocket or even gloves in order to keep your hands warm for up to 12 hours. When you use it with Zippo premium lighter fluid, the result is even more satisfying as it enables the Zippo hand warmer to produce more than 10 times the heat of the disposable warmers. Amazingly, this heat is being produced without flame, smoke or odor. Needless to say, it is pretty handy when you are facing harsh winter.
Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid
Even a great-looking lighter is futile if it does not able to ignite or burn properly. In fact, it is worse when it is not able to work due to its fluid. Behind every successful lighter is its lighter fluid. Obviously, a lighter is useless without its lighter fluid. As for Zippo, it has researched and developed its own lighter fluid that is remarkably superior to anything that you can find in the current market. The Zippo premium lighterfluid offers cleaner burning and better ignition at the same time. In other words, this just means that you will get the most optimal performance for your Zippo lighter.

Zippo Philippines Fuels Your Passion Like Never Before

When we are talking about fiery passion, we can always draw its analogy between it and Zippo lighters as Zippo lighters perfectly reflect the burning enthusiasm itself. For those that have their first taste of passion, that indescribable desire and commitment proves to be a wonderful experience.Similarly, all Zippo products symbolize such burning passion that definitely stir your hearts. Like its lighters, Zippo bags are finely crafted accessories that are both fashionable and practical at the same time.

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