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ZONZO Tapered Jeans at 1904.00 PHP from YesStyle
ZONZO Tapered Jeans
₱ 1,904.00 ₱ 2,004.00
Brand from China: Zonzo. Color: Light Blue, Materials: Washed Denim, Size: 28: Waist: 73cm, Thigh: 51cm, Hem: 29cm, Total Length: 99cm 29: Waist: 74cm, Thigh: 53cm, Hem: 29cm, Total Length: 100cm 30: Waist: 75cm, Thigh: 54cm, Hem: 29cm, Total Length: 101cm 31: Waist: 76cm, Thigh: 56cm, Hem: 30cm, Total Length: 102cm 32: Waist: 80cm, Thigh: 56cm, Hem: 31cm, Total Length: 103cm 33: Waist: 85cm, Thigh: 58cm, Hem: 31cm, Total Length: 104cm 34: Waist: 86cm, Thigh: 59cm, Hem: 32cm, Total Length: 105cm, Care: N/A
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ZONZO Skinny Jeans at 1157.00 PHP from YesStyle
ZONZO Skinny Jeans
₱ 1,157.00 ₱ 1,652.00
Brand from China: Zonzo. Color: Blue, Materials: Denim, Size: 28: Waist: 71cm, Hips: 79cm, Thigh: 46cm, Hem: 28cm, Rise: 23cm, Total Length: 101cm 29: Waist: 74cm, Hips: 82cm, Thigh: 47cm, Hem: 29cm, Rise: 23.5cm, Total Length: 102cm 30: Waist: 76cm, Hips: 84cm, Thigh: 48cm, Hem: 30cm, Rise: 24cm, Total Length: 103cm 31: Waist: 78cm, Hips: 85cm, Thigh: 49cm, Hem: 31cm, Rise: 24cm, Total Length: 104cm 32: Waist: 81cm, Hips: 87cm, Thigh: 50cm, Hem: 31cm, Rise: 24cm, Total Length: 104.5cm 33: Waist: 84cm, Hips: 90cm, Thigh: 51cm, Hem: 31.5cm, Rise: 25cm, Total Length: 105cm 34: Waist: 86cm, Hips: 92cm, Thigh: 52cm, Hem: 32cm, Rise: 25cm, Total Length: 106cm 36: Waist: 90cm, Hips: 94cm, Thigh: 53cm, Hem: 33cm, Rise: 26cm, Total Length: 107cm, Care: N/A
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