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Offer 8% Off
Expiry 31 December 2019
Applicable on Booking Period: 31st Dec 2019, Travel Period: Sept 2019 to Mar 2020
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Offer 5% Off
Expiry 30 December 2019
Applicable on No Limitations
Minimum spend No Min. Spending
Customer type All Customers
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Offer Secret Prices
Expiry 31 December 2019
Minimum spend No Min. Spending
Customer type All Customers
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Offer 72% Off
Expiry 31 December 2019
Applicable on Selected Destinations Only
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Offer 1 Free Night
Expiry 31 December 2019
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Offer Up to 20% Off
Expiry 31 December 2019
Applicable on Selected Destinations Only
Minimum spend No Min. Spending
Customer type All Customers
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Offer P800 Off
Expiry 31 December 2019
Applicable on App Bookings
Minimum spend P10,000
Customer type All Customers
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Offer From P1,600
Expiry 31 December 2019
Minimum spend No Min. Spending
Customer type All Customers
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Above are four of numerous deals that are offered on If you are up for a quick and easy way to browse, find, and book a hotel of your preferences, then the deals on will treat you right!

Covering over 19,000 locations worldwide with over 325,000 hotels to date, boasts itself as an online site for users to book hotel rooms via online application as well as by the telephone. With 85 websites that are presented in 34 different languages under its main wing, the website sought out to be one of the leading online hotel booking sites in the world. started off as the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN) as of its establishment in 1991 through the collaborations of two businessmen David Litman and Robert Deiner. Expedia Inc. then took the network under its wing in 2001 and renamed the comapny to in 2002. Now, Expedia Inc. is the world’s largest online travel company and with soaring right under its wings, it too is currently making its way up to be on par the success of Expedia Inc.

With a search box as simple as the one above, you can easily find and book the hotel of your choice. It allows you to edit your Check-In and Check-Out dates along with how many rooms and the number of guests.

The search box is preceded with the web site's boast of having 10,000 deals with suggestions of typing the destination, dU of the hotel, landmarks near hotels, and/or the address of the hotels.

At the very top of the homepage, you can find drop-down menu where you can choose your preferred country of origin/language and your preferred currency to use. The main taskbar holds five main sections of the

  • Home page
  • Deals page
  • Rewards page
  • Customer Service section
  • Sign-in or register option also provides destinations that are most visited through the analysis of data collected from all of its other websites and user experiences. Currently, the top five hot destinations are Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Rome, and Bangkok. So if you are craving for a budget getaway, book your accommodation now on and get ready to go!

Navigating the booking process of

So you are interested in booking a hotel in a foreign country for a holiday or business — got you covered. Say you are to book for a hotel in Taipei, once you enter the word “Taipei” and have chosen the other particulars (Check-In and Check-out dates, number of rooms, and number of guests), after you click on the search button, you will be brought to the landing page of all the deals and hotels in Taipei.

Have your pick at which hotel/deal and click on the continue g9 located with each of the hotel/deal box. You will then be brought to another landing page that will present to you all the details of the hotel/deal that you might want and are advised to have a look at first before booking and completing your purchase. This landing page of the hotel/deal you have chosen will contain:

    • Full dU of the hotel
    • Full address
    • Price offered
    • Amenities offered by the hotel
    • Nearby attractions
    • User and guest reviews
    • Other room rates
    • Room conditions and facilities
    • Google Map view of the hotel
    • Special features
    • The hotel’s gz print

Once you have done nodding and smiling at every detail of the hotel of your choice, you can click on the ‘Book Now” g9 and proceed to the next step of your online booking. You will be brought to choose you room. Again, have you pick at any one that fancies you and click on the cH “Book” g9 located on the fm side of every room offer.

Your next stop is the “Check Details and Book” page where you are open to h6 the price, apply for a deal or discount, register the guests that are staying, make special requests, choose your method of payment, where the hotel should send the confirmation, and finally to read the cancellation policy and terms of booking. After doing all of that, you can click on the “Buy Now” g9 placed at the bottom of the page. Confirming your purchase will securely book your room and a confirmation email or call will be sent and made for your easement of mind.

You can choose to pay through the usage of credit cards of that of either a VISA or MASTERCARD.

What is so special and unique about

Apart from being a centralize hotel booking hub made-easy for everyone and anyone to use, also has its own uniqueness. The introduction of their Rewards system got the attention of many of their regular visitors and those of first timers'. With the possibility of being able to redeem a free night at a hotel of their purchase, this uniqueness that is putting forward really upped the interest of many visitors, regulars and first-timers alike.

Before you can enjoy the free night and be able to collect the 10 nights, you are required to sign-up to be a member. Being a member of will open up loads of benefits and special and secret ah for a long cZ of hotels all over the world.

How does the Rewards system work?

    1. All you need to do is to attach your bookings to you Rewards account and it will automatically stamp how many nights according to your booking.
    2. Every night you spend at a hotel you booked through will be considered as one (1) night/stamp
    3. Upon collecting 10 nights/stamps, you are eligible to redeem your one (1) free night
    4. and Yes, it's that simple!

Is there a mobile app?

Most conveniently, you can also browse, find, and book hotel rooms from through its very own g1 app. You can take a look at its Android version clicking here or if you are an iPad user, you can check it out here.

What’s so special with’s mobile app?

    • Convenient – you can browse and book cheap hotels anywhere, anytime
    • User-friendly – provides you with tips and suggestions as you search
    • Clean-cut look – to make your experience smoother and worthwhile
    • Coupons and promotions – get the best discounts for hotels all around the world

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Online coupons are on the rise to popularity with online shoppers. Whilst saving time not having to go out and face traffic and long lines, individuals can also save much of their money with the wide variety of coupons offered by online stores and services. Most online coupons come with their own unique coupon codes that are used to discount or allow extra/free services. These can include discounts up to 40% and free shipping or getting you in the line for a free purchase in the future. Now, on to how to use these coupon codes.

What needs to be considered when you use coupon codes

Almost all online coupons can only be used once and they also come with expiry dates. Also, they may be subjected to minimum purchases. In the case of coupons from, most of what they ey are of discounted prices, like the one below:

Some coupons are limited to certain products and services. A sound advice would be for you to gL check and make sure that you do not make the wrong purchase or else you will not be able to fully utilize the coupons.

Redeeming your coupons

Following the steps on how to book your hotel rooms above, when you reach the “Check Details and Book” page, do the following:

    1. You should be able to click on the “Apply for discount or deal” option. Do so.
    2. That is where you can copy-paste the coupon cR that you have picked beforehand.
    3. Afterwards, follow through with your payment normally.
    4. Enjoy the great discounts you get from the coupons!

Hotel room booking made easy and cheaper with coupons, vouchers, and deals!

With over 325,000 hotels under its name and brand, you can expect easy browsing and booking of hotels with Regardless if you are browsing through the deals on your laptop at home or if you are doing it on your smart phone on the train back from work, got you covered in booking hotels. With the promise of allowing you to wake up happy in the hotel of your choice, the smile as you wake up is promised due to how easy it was for you to book it in the first place and how much you have saved booking it. offers a variety of discount coupons for you to use. As you finish reading this part of the text, go back to the part where the coupons are and click your way into a hotel room now.

With the assurance of their 24/7 customer service all over the world that is ever-at-the-ready to provide you with information and to answer all of your questions, is the ideal platform to start (and stay) your hotel search. Calling numbers are stated on each of the respective region websites and you can also forward your inquiries to their general e-mail via a template form in the Customer Service section.

Also, check out this cool and funny advertisement YouTube video about them!

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